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  2. kliert

    Worlds fairs today

    Never heard of this kind of event before. Wonder how effective they are in showcasing such products.
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  4. kliert

    Banana Ideas

    Never heard of that event before. Any more resources?
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  6. Rich

    Outtakes episode?

    All of the TIFO episodes are so well polished, but we know Simon is only human! Just watching an episode tonight and my girlfriend asked if you have conisdered doing an outtakes episode? I bet there are some moments worth sharing?
  7. Daven

    TIFO as 911 Training Aid

    Wow, that's awesome! I know people show our videos a lot in high schools and what not, but didn't know about that one. πŸ™‚
  8. Omnikron13

    Episode 21: The War Bear

    It's weird how much it bothers me that people now call the 'hash symbol' (#) the 'hashtag symbol', I mean, a hashtag is called a hashtag because it is a way of tagging a post using a hash, if the symbol itself is now 'hashtag' then they are hashtagtags... Can't hold back the tide though I guess.
  9. ElderCat

    TIFO as 911 Training Aid

    My wife is the Training Coordinator for our city 911 dispatch center. She recently saw me watching a TIFO video and said "That's the guy from our training video" and sent me the video. Turns out she shows the TIFO 911 video on the first day of training to every potential 911 dispatcher. I thought you might enjoy knowing that.
  10. Cheese_head

    Video Suggestions

    Why don't you read about fossils and other stuff like that being dug up in Antarctica or other perpetually frozen places? Siberia and Alaska seem to have dinosaur fossils but why not other chillier places (I'm working on the assumption that these places were not always that cold millions of years ago or something)
  11. Cheese_head

    Podcast segment titles

    Instead of "Today in history" why not "Meanwhile in the past"?
  12. Earlier
  13. Daven

    Episode 21: The War Bear

    "core. core. core" πŸ˜‰
  14. Daven

    Episode 20: The Prisoner

    For the contest winners, please do email us at podcast@todayifoundout.com to collect your prize. Thanks!
  15. So I recently learned that Adolf Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1939 for a short time before his nomination was withdrawn, as seen here: https://www.nobelprize.org/nomination/archive/show.php?id=3243 I think this calls for a video explaining just how it came to be? Can anyone be nominated to the prize (including average people off the streets? who nominates people? how does the whole nomination process go?
  16. Daven

    Brain food podcast

    Thanks for the feedback! Also, that's one hell of a rifle you have there. πŸ™‚
  17. Smark731

    Brain food podcast

    Thank you for all the hard work you put in on your videos! I recently started listening to your podcast! I find the medium of audio to be VERY satisfying as I can use it when working out, driving, or just when killing time. I would like like to offer, for what it’s worth, a few observations. First, to my mind, there is no reason to keep a podcast to a specific time. I find the topics you speak on to be endlessly entertaining and find myself distracted by the 1/2 hour format. Second, while I understand that you feel the need to edit yourselves and the guitar twang to be your way of helping the listener, it is DISTRACTING. I am more interested in what was said inbetween the guitar. Both of you seem VERY knowledgeable and I suspect what you have to say on any particular subject may be quite interesting. Finally, I, for myself, really like the laid back version of podcasts where the host speaks on a subject at length. Occasionally, that host may diverge from a given subject for a short period during that podcast. It is all in good fun and learning! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope all the best for you and your partners in this new endeavor! Your website, YouTube videos, and now your podcast are tremendously fun and enjoyable!!! Thanks for everything, Shawn
  18. Genuine Question. Guess I could probably Google it but it seems a good video idea.
  19. otefollert

    Video Suggestions

    Just a small side note, the "LL" in Spanish is read like a "y" in yeah, example, Bobadilla would be read "Bobadiya"
  20. The follow up to last week's Bertha Benz story. πŸ™‚
  21. Pellaken

    amerocentric data

    I found todays episode to suffer from some of the problems that some other episodes do; they are very amerocentric. Simon from his comments seems to run the gamut of all 50 states, but ignores the other 190 or so countries in the world. I'm not asking you guys to research how East Timor does things; but most english speaking internet websites get the overwhelming majority of their views from the same few countries; the USA of course, but also the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, and so forth. I find the amerocentric commentary a bit sad really as I expect more from TIFO.
  22. Tap

    Podcast segment titles

    My thoughts For facts - Brainfoods - "This week we found out" Simple and ties well into the main site and youtube channel. For practical knolwladge/ interviews - Brainfoods - "Who would have guest" Maybe a bit punny but works for both general knowladge and interviews. Also Simon seems the type to enjoy a pun :)
  23. Perhaps it's related to what people say are the "greatest fears" when dating. A man's greatest fear is said to be rejection and a woman's greatest fear is said to be getting murdered. By learning about true crime and serial killers, maybe we are attempting to learn how to recognize the perpetrators and avoid them. Or more likely women just suffer from morbid curiosity. πŸ˜‰
  24. I know we've covered this one before ages ago on the channel, but I really love the story of Karl and Bertha Benz and couldn't resist doing it on the podcast πŸ™‚
  25. I also always find this a bit surprising. Just as fascinating is how much women love learning about serial killers and true crime type stuff, and how much men don't seem terribly interested in that. The numbers are kind of flipped on that one. Super bizarre on both fronts! :-)
  26. Just checking in as one of the < 20% women that listen (apparently). I found this very surprising! Who wouldn't want to know more stuff about stuff.
  27. This week's bonus Star Trek reference was well hidden and occurs at 24:50.... In a million years it'll be like "The descendants of a human - look at this tadpole-like creature." This is clearly a reference to Star Trek Voyager episode 2x15 "Threshold' in which humans who have traveled at Warp 10 are "hyper-evolved" into tadpole-like creatures.
  28. Alexs

    General Podcast Feedback

    Hey Guys! From Australia, and coming over from Youtube, Just wanted to state that as a lover of mostly useless and trivial information, I'm loving the podcast, it's definitely more informative than my usual procrastination activities. I would probably compare you two, to a more intelectual version of the Australian duo called Hamish & Andy, who filled the national airwaves with hours of waffle day after day. Keep up the amazing work & look forward to hearing more. Alex
  29. Alex M.

    General Podcast Feedback

    I am really enjoying the podcast, and it has proven very useful to me as well. I have been able to use them on class reports, however, it makes it a bit harder without the sources. If the sources could be added in the episode description, that would be useful.
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