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  3. V Michael

    Banana Ideas

    A fungus outbreak killed off a considerable amount of the banana crop in the 1950s. The previously common Gros Michel cultivar was devastated by the Fusariam Wilt aka Panama disease, provoking the development of the Cavendish.
  4. Crawfish Crunch

    New members welcome thread?

    I'm guessing this is where we can introduce ourselves. I'm Nico but I like to go by Crawfish Crunch, I am the N in the + of the LGBTQ+. I'm fifteen and how I found this website is a funny story, I got lost on my school website and I found a link for this. And now here are some facts about me., book: uglies series by Scott Westerfeld Movie: The fifth wave TV Show: Izombie Favorite Cuisine/Drink/Food: Cuisine: Mexican, i grew up with it. Drink: Chai tea or strawberry soda with lime juice food: sushi Favorite Board Game/Video Game: board game: Clue Video Game: The Last of Us Song: Orange Tree or How to be a Heartbreaker by MARINA, LoveGame by Lady Gaga, Gingerbread Man by Melanie Martinez, just about anything from Evanescence, and Paper Planes by M.I.A Band: MARINA, Lady Gaga, Melanie Martinez, Evanescence, and M.I.A Music genre: indie, pop, rock, and Electronic/ dance Hobbies/Sports: I love to draw nightmarish creatures Share one random fact about yourself: I.....am not normal πŸ˜‹ If you could be anything what would you be & why?: I would be...Me! Because there's no one like me!
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  6. I know Korean language a little bit. I can read, write and talk but not very well. I had a girlfriend from Busan and she taught me Korean, and I taught her English
  7. JamesThomas

    Banana Ideas

    I don't know this, thank you for sharing
  8. JamesThomas

    How does essay writing services work?

    It's work! I've used it a lot when I was a student.
  9. Korean is not very difficult. There're no hieroglyphs in the Korean language, these are letters, vowels, and consonants, the main thing is to learn them and put them correctly in syllables
  10. Aly

    General Podcast Feedback

    A bit behind, truly listening from the future, but not quite 2025! Listening to Tech history prt 1 (30.09.18). Listening to Dave talk about letters you can just drop: if you ever play scrabble in your first language, but with a set designed for another country then you get a very clear insight into how much some letters are used in one language, but almost not at all in another... fun and random thing to try one day...
  11. Sarahkidwell

    Etymology of Pussywhipped

    While researching the expression cats out of the bag I stumbled across the interesting origin of the term Pussywhipped. it was a 18th century french navy term. I'm a 35 year old woman but my inner middle schooler adores telling people this etymology. The cat was a leather whip with 9 tails that had bones on the end the captain used to punish sailors by flogging them on the back. It was kept in a bag because of the salty sea air. Thus cats out of the bag when someone got busted. If a sailor boy got in trouble the had the option to get Pussywhipped with a smaller 7 tailed whip with only knots in the leather. the catch was Pussywhipped option was on his bare butt while leaning over a deck canon or her could "take it like a man" Interesting I thought you would enjoy it. I was very sad that was not on your pirate episode
  12. Justice Beaver

    The Difference Between....

    I would also enjoy a best of as I listen on my commute and podcast format is better for my data usage than youtube. And while acknowledging that I don't listen on youtube, the title for this one should be "Simon talks about his banana" and see what that does to the metrics πŸ˜†
  13. Hello, I am just curious how the online essay writing services work.
  14. SpongeEater

    The Difference Between....

    I would love if you did the best of the month episodes
  15. Daven

    The Difference Between....

    In which we discover that while Simon may dislike and shun all pop culture, he's quite up on all things food culture, whereas I apparently dislike all foods that aren't pure salt.
  16. Daven


    OK, as it was my birthday the other day, I gave Picard a watch. πŸ™‚ Enjoying it so far, despite that they commit the cardinal sin in my book that is so obscenely popular with Hollywood writers right now of making the lives of your favorite characters in between the point you left them and the present plot kind of crappy, killing whatever happy ending you thought they had πŸ™‚ I mean, at least in this case it wasn't super crappy for Picard (unlike a Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Prince Leia and what not). But still not to his character's liking and having left the organization he spent his life being the bastion of. Some little things like that not loving. But so far so good otherwise. It's not Star Trek the Next Generation, but enjoyable. I feel like almost Alias crossed with Star Trek the Next Generation. I may end up hating it if they double down on the common trope today and go with "Everything is Dark and Evil in the Future" line. But so far they don't seem inclined to that, though their are hints. But I'm enjoying the fun romping adventure. And Patrick Stewart is amazing as ever. πŸ™‚
  17. Daven


    As ever, I have not had time to watch yet, so may well wait until this season's over. Or maybe even the series! It's my normal preferred way to watch any show, but this one I'm willing to make an exception if I can drum up the time. πŸ™‚ Normally I might just watch it while working out or something, but this one I actually just want to sit and watch and do nothing else. πŸ™‚ Plus, had to switch to doing some work related things while working out the last month and probably until around April or May or so. But should be worth it. I'm really excited about this new little project I'm trying to squeeze in. πŸ™‚
  18. OreteP

    Singing language

    Hi, Thanx for a great show. I have an idea fΓΆr a segment. Is there any language in the world that you cant use for singing? A language whos sound and words make it impossible to sing.
  19. Christian Carier

    The First Woman to Run for President of the United States

    I am waiting in anticipation.πŸ‘πŸ€“
  20. @Christian Carier Tons of new stuff with me coming up shortly. πŸ™‚ One is FactQuickie- a 3-5 minute version of the TIFO content for those who don't like the details or who just want to see the quick version to see if they want the more detailed. Another is FlickFacts (a movie trivia / interesting facts channel in the same style as TIFO, but entertainment centered. Basically a lot more detail than anyone else :-)). A similar one with music themed. All those should be going within 1-6 months. πŸ™‚
  21. Christian Carier

    The First Woman to Run for President of the United States

    I watched it on YouTube then listened to it again on Google podcast. Because I'm a nerd.πŸ€“ I should probably find an app that will let me review the show since Google podcast doesn't have that feature I'll try to get that done. I would like to see more stuff with u Daven. Im not saying Simon is doing a bad jod I watch all the channels he hosts but I like the videos you host too.
  22. Christian Carier


    Mikix how did you like episode two.
  23. Christian Carier


    Yep just a setup which is completely fine because it's got Patrick Stewart as Picard again. πŸ‘ And in the great words of Karl Smallwood Patrick Stewart is a big dick G. I think Karl would agree with that statement if he hasn't already said it on his channel. It's not going to be your typical Star Trek. But I think it will be better than that piece of crap but they call Discovery.
  24. Victoria Woodhull is one of those people I'll never tire of hearing like Julie D'Aubigny, Virginia Hall, Mother Mandelbaum, Jack Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt
  25. The definition of "gumption" πŸ™‚
  26. RedlineCustoms

    When is the next episode?!?!

    When is the next episode coming up? I listen to the podcasts while I work( side note, I had literally never looked into podcasts until Simon starting plugging this one on his channels.) Doing project work on fire alarm systems involves a lot of mindless cable pulling and its nice to have something to let my mind wander with. Can't wait to hear some new episodes!
  27. Mikix


    We know our hosts, Daven and Simon, are big Jean-Luc Picard fans and were looking forward to the new Star Trek series "Star Trek: Picard". So I think it would be appropriate to discuss the series here. What are your thoughts on it so far? I've only watched a few star trek episodes when I was little, and maybe a movie, so I won't have the most entitled opinion here. But I feel that the first episode is not the epic pilot type that most series have, and it's just the set up.
  28. MasterCATZ

    Link to all Sponsors

    I wish content providers had a link to all their sponsors, sometimes I see a ad then a few months later want to look into them , then can not find mention of said ad anywhere ie) one of 3 places I normally watch content from advertised a Virtual Credit card system ( something I am against normally because 3rd party provider is another security breach waiting to happen ), but I am in need of some throw away credit card details for using on some sus sites Pretty sure it was one of these that were pushing it .. Linus Tech Tips / TodayIFoundOut / Corridor Crew
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