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  4. aaron efuribe

    how to quit snoring

    Have you experience somebody snoring before? Do you snore while sleeping? Snoring is Not Only Annoying Snoring is not just something people do, it is a symptom; snoring is a manifestation of damage that caused by an underlying issue. Because snoring has been wrongly considered a part of many, if not most people’s sleeping habits, the damage that causes people to snore has gone unrecognized in most people, this is true even today.. What do you think?
  5. What would be the effect of an asteroid passing into and out of our atmosphere without impacting the earth itself?
  6. Mikix

    The channel of a TIFO/BFS writer

    Fact Fiend, not Fact Fix. Got it. Thanks!
  7. Daven

    The channel of a TIFO/BFS writer

    Yep, Fact Fiend:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaR-e8ComPih10DqPi3sdWg
  8. Lars81

    The channel of a TIFO/BFS writer

    Hi, that'll be Karl Smallwood. He hosts a YouTube show called fact fiend.
  9. In one or the earlier shows the guys mentioned a fellow writer, Carl. They talked about his sense of humor and said he has his own podcast (or maybe youtube channel?) called something along the lines of "Fact fix". But I can't remember exactly. the details. Can anyone can help me find the podcast? Thanks.
  10. Everyone I know that has thrown up while drunk shivers. I was just curious as to what biological process make this happen and why?
  11. otefollert

    All About Monopoly

    Found it https://youtu.be/SqQgDwA0BNU
  12. otefollert

    All About Monopoly

    Has anyone been a le to find the video about the magic basket? Great podcast by the way
  13. Mommab30

    All About Monopoly

    I think of a flat iron as a hair straighter
  14. Mommab30

    All About Monopoly

    So excited to see a NEW EPISODE!! Strange fact, I watch this show called Deadly Class - last night I watched the latest episode and they were playing Monopoly, a kid playing says "Proof Capitalism does not work". I had a thought , I bet the roots of Monopoly are some sort of political message I need to look into that and then BAM this morning on my way to work this episode was avail! Crazy So glad to see an update from you guys!
  15. V Michael

    All About Monopoly

    ROFL. A 'flat iron' is a cast iron clothes iron that is heated in a fire vs. a modern steam iron. Originally it was a flat iron, a box iron which is a large chunky iron that held coals inside, or a press iron which you place the clothing between two slabs. And yes, the Flatiron building was named after the appliance. http://www.oldandinteresting.com/antique-irons-smoothers-mangles.aspx BTW, I love Simon's wild speculations. 😂
  16. Omniverse

    All About Monopoly

    Yay! A new episode!
  17. Daven

    All About Monopoly

    Concerning my movie recommendation at the end...you're welcome to all the insomniacs out there. Cured! 😉
  18. ganymede19

    What do the spikes/cylinders on naval mines do?

    I've seen those things from Finding Nemo. Not sure what it really does but I think the design has to do with buoyancy so that it would stay in place.
  19. ganymede19

    Wheel Pattern

    I recently picked a new set of XD wheels to replace the stocks that I have for my truck. I got curious because it was really hard to choose which one should I purchase due to the array of pattern and designs they offer. I want to if the patterns are purely aesthetic or it really has a purpose such as added physics in driving.
  20. IsabelFernandez

    Cutting board

    Been using the typical slide out cutting board that one finds in their lower kitchen cabinets but its time to get something better.....can't believe we've put up with it for all these years. My wife and I like to cook so we recently bought several Miyabi Fusion knives, I know they're considered the middle of the road compared to many I see here on the forum but that's ok, they are working out nicely for us. Anyway back to the cutting board, I see many to choose from and looking for something fairly large like 18"x24" give or take a few inches.....I've read mixed opinions regarding bamboo as many claim its too hard for our type of knives and could damage them if we're not careful. I also see one's made from Cypress wood I think that many seem to like but also with mixed opinions, the same with teak wood.....most likely will be the case with any of the cutting boards I'm finding ha ha. Thinking to keep it simple and go for something like a Boos cutting board end grain type, they seem reasonable in cost and look nice. We're looking to keep it more on the affordable side at around $100-$150 range....be nice to go for one of the custom ones I see here on the forum with multi types of woods but not wanting to spend that kind of coin right now, we're looking to do a complete kitchen re-do so bottom line, for now, is something that works for the time being and doesn't screw up our knives.....suggestions welcome and thanks.
  21. ganymede19

    Muting my iPad

    I think you should turn off the notification on your browsers like Safari or Google Chrome. It's the same with the podcast app.
  22. This never crossed my mind since I'm not from Great Britain but now I'm begging for answers.
  23. ganymede19

    Banana Ideas

    So that's why they don't have any seeds at all.
  24. I think You meant to say how delicious British tea taste within the Boston Harbor
  25. I add and use keyboards for both Kana and Romaji for the Japanese language with a predictive feature. If I type kaimono (shopping) on my keyboard this hiragana will appear かいもの (ka-i-mo-no) then a predictive kanji for kaimono (shopping) 買い物 will appear and I have to tap or click it.
  26. ganymede19

    Egg rolls

    I think the egg part comes from the wrapper.
  27. Joel

    Any new episodes since the animal facts?

    Not yet, you are all up to date.
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