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  2. Daven

    Daven has short hair???

    Ha! Unlike Simon though, short hair by choice. πŸ˜‰ Funny enough my hair used to be a lot longer (of the shaggy brown variety like you say), but has turned darker as I got older and around college I decided, given my preference for shower before bed rather than the morning, that having hair was too much work. For a while just went with a hat to facilitate rolling out of bed at the last possible second to make it to classes / work without looking like a total ragamuffin, but ultimately switched to just shaving my hair super short every couple weeks. Also haven't had to pay for a haircut in almost two decades, and the shaving only takes a few minutes. πŸ™‚ If you want to see a man who clearly loved his flowing long hair, google around for some old pictures of Simon when he had hair. There is one in which he's on a boat that is particularly humorous given it looks a bit like one of those hair product commercials with the person with magnificent long hair flowing in the wind. He's so happy in that picture with his waving hair. πŸ˜‰ As for the podcast, just still catching up on work after the move and what not, but should be able to start recording the podcast regularly again in a week or two. πŸ™‚
  3. Allison

    Daven has short hair???

    Hi everyone, wasn't sure where to put this, so general is what I went with. Seems neutral enough. Anyways. I used to watch TIFO Youtube, until I found Biographics podcast and then the Brainfood show. I was familiar with Simon, but Daven was new to me. I had only heard his voice until today. Knowning what little I had known about you, Daven, I imagined you having chin length shaggy brown hair, not sure why but that's just what I thought. So today I pulled up the channel to watch the Liechtenstein mini-doc, and thought I'd watch a fact quickie. BOY WAS I SURPRISED when I heard Daven's voice come on, with a man who only had slightly more hair than Simon. It was a shock, for sure. Thought I'd share this funny experience I had today. Love the podcast, when's the next one coming?? Thanks, Allison
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  5. Luca Finnley

    Best Bespoke Tailor

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  6. LeeroyJethroDankinz

    The Drinking Game

    Hey Simon and Daven, first off, LOVE the podcast, I listen at work which makes my dead end fast food job significantly more bearable. Thanks for that. So, every time you mention documentaries or mini docs, take a shot right? Lets expand on that a bit, every time Simon hasn't seen or read something, like Princess Bride (-_-), you take a shot. Further expansion, you two go through the final cut and find a word that pops up with unusual frequency, like Typewriter, or Qwerty, or Dvorak (from the tech history part 1 episode) and make a short mention of it at the beginning. Instant cult classic. Minor comment: I preferred the long episode format, the extreme tangential nature really filled out kwestions that occurred in my head that i just plain didnt have time to search up myself. I've been watching TIFO for years, and i LOVE the channel, glad to see this podcast becoming successful! Keep it up guys!
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  8. Daven

    Video in podcast form

    Yes, that is on the docket. πŸ™‚
  9. olybit

    Video in podcast form

    Would you consider posting the audio from your today I found out videos and bibliographies on here or a podcast site so those of us that listen at work or in bed don't have to struggle with the YouTube app?
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  13. Matt

    Next episode?

    The Today I found out Daily Knowledge Podcast is fantastic whislt you're waiting.... A back catalogue of about 400 there
  14. olybit

    Next episode?

    Another long pause? i listen to you guys all day at work and i'm blowing through your back log for to fast for you to not post for two weeks. can't review on google play music but five stars post more please Simon's voice is my happy place and Daven is far less annoying in podcasts then his videos
  15. Daven

    Taking the Mystery Out of Murder

    @Rich That is fascinating. In the states you absolutely have the "right to remain silent" without anything insinuated from that, or at least without anything insinuated that can be used in court. My impression from the video with the police interrogator and the lawyer is basically if the police are bringing you in for questioning, they already pretty much think you did it and are just trying to gather evidence against you. Now, naturally, if in the interview it becomes apparent you didn't, they can of course stop and let you off, and that's what a good cop would do. But they're already coming at it from a stand point of you did it (so biased against you at this point) and it's entirely possible to be completely innocent, but because you're nervous and all say something that makes you look guilty, things like mixing up stories and time of events and all sorts of things like this where they might catch you in an accidental lie and what not, or even an intentional lie where you may be innocent, but you're worried they won't believe you unless you make your story sound good. And certainly from the sounds of it, the police are allowed to say pretty much whatever they want to get you to admit to something. And as outlined by the police interrogator, they are very, very good at getting information out of people with a whole host of psychological tricks. So the general advice both gave was essentially to always talk to the police through a lawyer who will get the story from you and then filter appropriately to hopefully make you look sufficiently innocent for them to move on with the investigation and leave you out of it any further. πŸ™‚
  16. Rich

    Taking the Mystery Out of Murder

    Just as a little follow up regarding police interviews. In the UK police aren't allowed to introduce false information/lie in interview and they have to collect evidence for the defence as well as prosecution. No comment interviews can be the best approach but equally courts can make inferences from no comment interviews especially if special warnings (s 36 /37 PACE 1984) are used. Rules must be more lax for cops in the states but interviews are video and audio recorded (except in certain limited circumstances) and rules are pretty strict.
  17. Cheese_head

    Alice Roosevelt

    Would be interested to find out more about Teddy's daughter and her life, from the Bull Moose episodes it sounds like she led a colourful life!
  18. Luca Finnley

    Best Bespoke Tailor

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  19. otefollert

    Taking the Mystery Out of Murder

    Great episode. Pleaseche ck Chile's iTunes.
  20. NotIt

    Animal Facts Series

    In Animal Facts Part 3: A Doughnut Brain, Dung and the Milky Way, Ant Overlords and More at time 29:37 there is a discussion about suicide bomber ants and describes what happens when they explode, but what exactly triggers the explosion? I'm sure it's not molecules of C4 strapped to their, uh, little chests.
  21. aaron efuribe

    how to quit snoring

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  22. What would be the effect of an asteroid passing into and out of our atmosphere without impacting the earth itself?
  23. Mikix

    The channel of a TIFO/BFS writer

    Fact Fiend, not Fact Fix. Got it. Thanks!
  24. Daven

    The channel of a TIFO/BFS writer

    Yep, Fact Fiend:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaR-e8ComPih10DqPi3sdWg
  25. Lars81

    The channel of a TIFO/BFS writer

    Hi, that'll be Karl Smallwood. He hosts a YouTube show called fact fiend.
  26. In one or the earlier shows the guys mentioned a fellow writer, Carl. They talked about his sense of humor and said he has his own podcast (or maybe youtube channel?) called something along the lines of "Fact fix". But I can't remember exactly. the details. Can anyone can help me find the podcast? Thanks.
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