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  2. I love your podcast! I've been listening to it most days for the past couple months and I wanted to send you feedback when I'd heard all of it. I usually listen on my walk to work and it feels like I'm walking with friends. I'd give it 5 stars if I could figure out how to rate it on Google Podcasts. Now I've heard all of them, I have to find another podcast until your next installment. I hope you upload it soon!
  3. Last week
  4. There was a video that put out a few years ago by a channel called Veritasium that I recently rewatched. The video is called ""The Illusion of Truth" and the host cited two pieces of research findings, 1. The more something is repeated, the more it starts to appear true, and 2. The more a person is exposed to a stimulus, be it, a movie, song, or even a person, the fonder they'll likely become of it/him/her. For example, people rated people in yearbook photos as being more likable the more times they looked at those photos. It's that second bit of research that I want to bring up for discussion. Is there anything when you first saw or heard it, you thought it was okay at best, but as you listened to it or watched it more and more, you started to truly like it?
  5. Well I don't know if it's the longest surgery, but there was an operation performed, that took almost thirty hours, to separate two boys who were joined at the top of their heads. The operation was a success and both boys survived.
  6. Yosephlost

    Aerogel / lava ???

    Okay now if you made a container of aerogel could you use it to contain lava???
  7. That was it! I caught the live stream and thought it was fantastic I remember now! Thanks for the reply! Cant wait for the next one!
  8. We live streamed the recording, if you caught that. 🙂 Otherwise no, unless Simon's mentioned it before on some episode and we've just completely forgotten. But usually I have a good memory for these things. 🙂
  9. I feel like I've heard the beginning of this podcast already. Did you publish it already? I distinctly remember hearing Simon talk about our passports and smiling. The past week I have binge listened to every podcast you have and love them! Thanks!
  10. Earlier
  11. For anyone wanting to read a fuller account of the tale of George Eastman's death, go here.
  12. Chirag_Kalra

    Days of the week in Spanish

    Hey guys do you know what are days in Spanish? What is the abbreviation or pronunciation. You can start learning Spanish now and we can discuss how to progress it. Spanish Days of the week
  13. Aanchal Mittal

    Banana Ideas

    Good Question.
  14. Adri

    The Remarkable Sarah Hale

    Simon!!! Bonfire night!!!! Remember, remember the 5th of November!
  15. Daven

    podcasts at a reasonable interval?

    Well we got the episode in somehow, despite being on crappy hotel internet. That episode should be up probably at the latest by Monday. 🙂
  16. Rich

    podcasts at a reasonable interval?

    Hi Daven, hope its nothing too serious regarding the personal life! As I said I am not just trying to have a moan I just wanted to know where we stand on the podcast, fingers crossed everything goes better for the future, work and personal related!
  17. Adri

    The Macabre Series

    About Germany: it's perfectly legal to drive around naked as long as you're wearing shoes. During the June heatwave, my husband came across a man in a moped wearing nothing but a helmet and a pair of shoes. A question for Simon: what's worse, Jeremy Bentham's shriveled head or Maria Elena's preserved body?
  18. Adri

    The Macabre Series

    Simon needs to go home for Christmas. There is music in the shops in England. If you go at Christmas you'll hear Noddy Holder blaring
  19. shawnmcc1999

    General Podcast Feedback

    Simon and Daven, I love your content! I really like how you talk more in depth about topics from your videos. I like to watch your YouTube channel at home and listen to the podcast on Spotify in the car. If I had to give feedback, it'd be the whole (in reference to upload frequency) In a perfect world, you guys would put out a new podcast every day, but we're all human. I need more 🧐
  20. Daven

    podcasts at a reasonable interval?

    Haha, I swear it will be more regular soon (sometime within 1-2 months definitely). Just some unexpected things came up both on the work side AND personal side in June and July that threw a wrench in things. And actually right now as well on the personal side, though we are going to attempt to record an episode tonight anyway even though I'm on crappy hotel internet from a little unexpected trip. We'll see how it goes. 🙂
  21. Before I start this post I want to stress that I am big fans of Daven and Simon and really enjoy the podcast and the today I found out show, I just wanted to say that I am a bit fed up with the sporadic posting of the podcast of recent months, we have been promised a more regular schedule multiple times and it does not appear to have happened. I check for a new podcast on an almost daily basis so have found it pretty annoying when they haven't come out when they have been promised, Again, I want to say I know they are free, and I enjoy what content you do put out, but please dont promise something that you don't deliver. If you cant deliver a podcast on a regular basis just say and we will understand. I appreciate you make far more money on youtube but some of us really enjoy the podcast.
  22. Adri

    The Macabre Series

    Hi Daven! I'm not sure if you are atill researching on children's acquisition of language vs adults. I would also like to comment on this topic although my feedback is anecdotal as I am not a linguist. My personal experience is that it is easier for children to learn languages. My mother tongue is Spanish and, until the age of nine I lived in my native country, Colombia. My parents are native Spanish speakers but they wanted me to learn English so we spoke it at home and I went to an American school. I was perfectly bilingual when we moved to Belgium. There, I was also in an American school so my daily life was in English and Spanish but I had three French lessons a week. After one year, I was fluent in French with no accent. By the time I left Belgium 22 years later, I was fluent in those three languages and knew some German (I had German lessons in my last two years in high school) and Flemish (which I had started to pick up). I had also had a gap year in Slovkia and learned basic Slovak. Fast forward twenty-some years I moved to Germany with my family. Even with some knowledge of German and conditions similar to those as I had learning French as a kid, I have not been able to come close to being fluent in five years! My grammar is appalling and I dare say my German is worse than when I graduated high school! As for my children, all four went to the same German school.. Both of my girls, who were six and four when we came" learned German in one year and speak it like the locals. My younger son, who was almost 8, is fluent but not as perfectly as my daughters. My oldest son, who was nine when we came, took the longest to learn and speaks very well, but he is still not 100% fluent..
  23. In addition to roman character entry (type 'k' then 'a' for 'か'(ka), there are also Japanese keyboards that allow you to type one key for each kana. There aren't enough keys on a standard keyboard to use this keymapping though, you'll be missing a few characters if you use it on a standard keyboard. Conversion to kanji after that is the same as when using roman character entry (typically hit tab repeatedly to cycle conversion options, enter to confirm on the one you want). Oh, also on phones, there's a really clever flick input. The top-left is 'a' if you click it, but i/e/o/u if you flick in the cardinal directions. Each of the other keys is similar for other rows of the kana table (ka-row being ka-ki-ku-ke-ko, etc.) This fits on the standard telephone keypad, and then the side buttons are used for voice marks, large/small, and conversions. Also of course you can simply use handwriting input on phones, which is nice for kanji.
  24. DreadPirateChris

    Dutch Ovens

    An Englishman and a Welshman adapted a Dutch sand-casting process for brass into a sand-casting process for iron, and proceeded to make "Dutch" ovens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_oven See the 'Early European History' part of the wikipedia entry.
  25. Surely it's just because they are cold? They won't feel cold, because their skin is flushed, but because their skin is flushed they are losing heat rapidly in a cool environment. When you go to throw up you either go to the bathroom where you kneel on cold tile, grip cold porcelain, and put your face close to cold water -- or else you go outside, usually at night, when it is likely to be cold... Also you vomit up a bunch of liquid that was cold when it entered your body but now exits with a bunch of heat that your body put into it that is now lost. Anyway, of the common causes of shivering its the only one that I think makes sense, unless alcohol somehow is similar to a fever reaction.
  26. RedElf513

    General Podcast Feedback

    I was listening to this podcast on Pandora, but after hearing Deven mention that Google Podcasts I switched over. I really wanted to be able to leave a comment on how I like the evolution of the show, but I haven't been able to figure out to rate and comment on either platform. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. I came over after hearing Simon mention it in a Today I Found Out video. Keep up the good work I enjoy the varied subjects and how things tend to ramble off at times, it help deal with Atlanta Georgia traffic.
  27. Yosephlost


    All right guys what you did all the research where do I go to sign up to be my own modern-day hermit I don't mind people making a spectacle of me lol
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