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  2. Necromantic Aromatherapy

    Whats wrong with the livestream?

    Thanks Daven. Dont like missing out on new content so i had to ask 🙂
  3. Daven

    Animal Facts Series

    @Kat That's awesome 🙂
  4. Kat

    Animal Facts Series

    The Cow tipping analysis in Episode 1 is done my colleagues of my dad's, so I know them both (especially Margo Lilli) I was very amused to find it here.
  5. Daven

    Whats wrong with the livestream?

    All livestreamed episodes of the podcast will show up on the podcast feed within a week or so of the livestream. As for the livestream, we take it down and then cut out the beginning pre-amble where we make sure everything is working and then re-post it later on the BrainFood Show playlist on the channel:
  6. Necromantic Aromatherapy

    Whats wrong with the livestream?

    Hey guys, longtime subscriber and viewer of the many channels you guys are involved with. Why does the last few livestreams show ip on youtube as private? I have not seen them on my podcast apps for download either. Is this on my end or am i missing something?
  7. On the subject of being right/left oriented, I used to be ambidextrous when I was younger and ended up right handed. I don't remember if it was forced upon me or not, but interestingly enough, I'm left footed. I always assumed it was because of that.
  8. Samoa changed from rightside to leftside of the road in 2009 or thereabouts. There were too many crashes in New Zealand where a lot of Samoans go short term for seasonal work. Also much cheaper secondhand imported cars from Japan instead of from the US or Europe.
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  10. A phenomenal way to rip a plane's wings off is to pull up like crazy when the plane is rapidly hurtling towards the ground. 😉
  11. Yosephlost


    Expectations are like the beginning of being let down
  12. Necromantic Aromatherapy

    What do the spikes/cylinders on naval mines do?

    They are called Hertz Horns. They activate a chemical reaction that detonates the mine when bent or broken ie: being hit by a ship.
  13. Throwing up suddenly changes your body condition especially the temperature. Very common for people who are sick, drunk and dizzy. We recently installed the new super swamper tires on buddy's toy Wrangler and took for a spin. His younger brother joined and suddenly felt unwell after about 30mins of bumpy ride. He throw up and took about 10mins rest and then felt better.for the rest of the trip. Throwing up somehow is body's way to heal itself and remove the any unwanted chemical in the body.
  14. All I know too the operations about the conjoined twins are very long and delicate as well.
  15. kliert


    Care to explain what kind of hermitage you like or expect?
  16. Good idea to direct the addiction to another addicting things, just wrong to use another drugs to keep a person away from drugs.
  17. kliert

    Calendars, boring right? Wrong.

    Even when you formulated a much simpler calendar system, it will take long before the world community to adapt to it. The current system works and is part of the people's daily life so unless the new one got more significant use, it will not easily adapted.
  18. That sounds very tricky especially for beginners.
  19. I love your podcast! I've been listening to it most days for the past couple months and I wanted to send you feedback when I'd heard all of it. I usually listen on my walk to work and it feels like I'm walking with friends. I'd give it 5 stars if I could figure out how to rate it on Google Podcasts. Now I've heard all of them, I have to find another podcast until your next installment. I hope you upload it soon!
  20. There was a video that put out a few years ago by a channel called Veritasium that I recently rewatched. The video is called ""The Illusion of Truth" and the host cited two pieces of research findings, 1. The more something is repeated, the more it starts to appear true, and 2. The more a person is exposed to a stimulus, be it, a movie, song, or even a person, the fonder they'll likely become of it/him/her. For example, people rated people in yearbook photos as being more likable the more times they looked at those photos. It's that second bit of research that I want to bring up for discussion. Is there anything when you first saw or heard it, you thought it was okay at best, but as you listened to it or watched it more and more, you started to truly like it?
  21. Well I don't know if it's the longest surgery, but there was an operation performed, that took almost thirty hours, to separate two boys who were joined at the top of their heads. The operation was a success and both boys survived.
  22. Yosephlost

    Aerogel / lava ???

    Okay now if you made a container of aerogel could you use it to contain lava???
  23. That was it! I caught the live stream and thought it was fantastic I remember now! Thanks for the reply! Cant wait for the next one!
  24. We live streamed the recording, if you caught that. 🙂 Otherwise no, unless Simon's mentioned it before on some episode and we've just completely forgotten. But usually I have a good memory for these things. 🙂
  25. I feel like I've heard the beginning of this podcast already. Did you publish it already? I distinctly remember hearing Simon talk about our passports and smiling. The past week I have binge listened to every podcast you have and love them! Thanks!
  26. For anyone wanting to read a fuller account of the tale of George Eastman's death, go here.
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