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  2. Goam

    Chernobyl's mutations

    Supposedly the hunting "expedition" (random tourists) illegally rented kalashnikova rifles in pripyat, and on the way to the woods surrounding chernobyl's ground zero, they obliged the many radiation warnings provided by citizens and government provided signs/banners. Ive rambled on this forum, solo (somewhat embarrassingly), but an episode on the subject by the two best podcaster's gets my guts giggly. So, anyway, all done, love the show, and hope this was at least a random tidbit for those reading.
  3. Goam

    Chernobyl's mutations

    To expand on the title. I had heard of six tusked boars successfuly reproducing multiple generations, four winged birds, and other such animals that are limited in documentation due to they're native environment being highly irradiated. I just want to hear more from those who are better at researching than I am. Also the subject might be commercially prosperous since HBO is apparently coming out with a chernobyl mini-series.
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  5. Goam

    Chernobyl's mutations

    I was wondering if you two would be interested in doing a chernobyl/pripyat/result of mutations in animals/cultural consequences; whatever you feel. Itd be great with the loose yet informative format of the facts and convo available in your program. Thanks so much for the entertainment, absolutely a fan
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  7. Christian Carier

    The princess Bride

    I didn't know that was a thing.
  8. roberthelson

    List of foods for diabetics

    Appraisal of diabetes means you have to use the many types of healthy diet and nutrition. In the start it will be a bit hard to adopt a list of Foods for diabetics but you can easily control diabetes by the change in eating habits. List of Foods for diabetics : Lady finger, Cauliflower Lady finger, Cauliflower/Cabbage, Pumpkin, Spinach/Green leaves vegetable, Green Chili, Salad, Bitter gourd, Lemon, Green/Dry Onion, Brinjal, Ridge gourd Tomato, Cucumber, Turnip, Egg’s whites only, White/Red Radish, Lemon water, Wheat Bran. full details: list of foods for diabetics website: healthinformatics
  9. Zitka

    The princess Bride

    It's a disaster for a chronic double speeder like me, it goes all choppy if I try to play it faster than 1..2 speed. (Brilliant for finding out if a longrunning podcast has done an episode on a specific topic though)
  10. Christian Carier

    Karl Swallwood curses a lot

    Yes he is hilarious and quite awesome. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
  11. Brezendrache

    Women Listeners

    Actually, I do watch a lot of Your Youtube Videos. But I don't think YouTube knows I'm female πŸ˜‰ I usually don't bother with changing the default options when I set up an account. So maybe I'm not so only lazy Account person. I like the podcast just as well as the videos. It is the first and only podcast I ever listened to and the only reason I tried it was that I really like the youtube channel. PS: The German pronunciation is usually awful, but it's kind of funny to guess what it should have sounded like. PPS: I like the Space episodes PPPS: I use Google Podcasts, is there even an option to write a review because? I couldn't find it
  12. Daven

    Karl Swallwood curses a lot

    One of the best things about Karl Smallwood is he has zero filter with his own stuff and embodies the classic "no fucks were given that day" attitude and is just hilarious because of it. πŸ™‚ The other great thing about Karl is he actually seems like a pretty thoughtful guy in a lot of ways as well and takes his work very seriously, which seems like two things that couldn't possibly overlap in a ven diagram, but here we are. πŸ™‚. It's actually I think one of the reasons his channel is so, so good. That mixing of those two qualities. Tons of respect for Karl is what I'm trying to say. His channel is hilarious (literally the only edutainment channel I watch outside of the occasional Lindybeige) and his work on TIFO over the years has always been greatly appreciated. Very happy to see his channel and personal work take off like it has. πŸ™‚ .
  13. Christian Carier

    Karl Swallwood curses a lot

    I thought I found the wrong YouTube channel because your channel seems to make and effort not to have any cursing in it. But no I found the right channel πŸ˜‚. It's so funny! The video I watched had like five fbombsπŸ’£ in one sentence. When you promote this channel, you might want to slip in a comment that when you click on one of his videos if there's a guy ranting and cursing then you are in the right place. It's good but I can't listen this one when I'm at work. Which is where I sometimes watch your videos "on my break" right,πŸ™„ and the first video I tried to watch I was at work and I was like no you got to go off I will watch you later. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
  14. Christian Carier

    The princess Bride

    And thanks for the Google podcast app recommendation it is better than stitcher for sure
  15. Daven

    The princess Bride

    Always nice to hear. Thanks! πŸ™‚
  16. Christian Carier

    The princess Bride

    The princess Bride is not on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO go. πŸ˜‘ Don't feel bad Simon I haven't seen it either. I don't know what I'm supposed to do if it's not on one of these platforms. Because that's where all TV comes from. Right! I put in the effort to try to find it. So now I have a valid excuse the movie came out in 1987 and I was born in 1988 and it's not on Netflix. Oh well I guess I'll go listen to the brain food show space series episodes again. πŸ‘ Those are my favorites. It's the best podcast in my opinion. Oh wait it's the only podcast show I've ever listened to. The only reason I even found the podcast app it's because it was promoted on your today I found out YouTube channel. I give you 10 stars five for today I found out and five for the brain food show. I have zero criticisms I like the show just the way it is. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  17. Christian Carier

    The Navy

    How important is the captain of an aircraft carrier and how much money do they make?
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  19. hobbes347

    Taking the Mystery Out of Murder

    Hi, Great podcast! I'm new and was wondering where to find the sources for your information. I'd really like to look into some of the stuff you talked about further. Keep up the good work!!
  20. Daven

    New podcast on iTunes

    Just recorded one a few days ago. So, soon! πŸ™‚
  21. Christian Carier


    I would like you to discuss the difference between US and UK income taxes as a professional YouTuber and how it affects you both definitely or not.
  22. I recently was reading a BBC news article: The Princess Who Thought She Was Made Of Glass I checked out the wiki, wondering what became of Princess Alexandra of Bavaria and if there was information about the validity of her thought. She might have actually eaten a tiny glass piano as a young child then nervously awaited the consequences her whole life. The wiki mentions her brother, Prince Adalbert of Bavaria, also died the same day ( September 21st, 1875 ) and on the town (Munich, Germany). I was wondering why and how, but the wikis lack that info, and I couldn't locate information elsewhere. I thought it pretty unusual barring infectious disease or event. I was able to locate an article describing his funeral in of all places a newspaper from Port Huron, Michigan. But there was no mention of her, or cause so it left me wondering how did Princess Alexandra and Prince Adalbert of Bavaria die?
  23. Cole102201

    New podcast on iTunes

    I love The Brainfood Show podcast on iTunes. I have listen to all of them and was just wondering when the next one will be come out? I really hope it’s coming soon! You guys are awesome!!
  24. Guys some of my friends said that doctors may prescribe marijuana in order to treat drug addiction. On Addiction Resource there is information that cannabis itself is highly addictive. How is it possible to treat drug addiction with another drug? isn't it just replacing? is that actually true that doctors do so?
  25. roberthelson

    What is HIV Symptoms?

    HIV symptoms early warning signs : Word ” AIDS ” is the collection of four English words. A ( Acquired ), I ( Immune ), D ( Deficiency), S ( Syndrome ). Before under standing about the HIV symptoms early warning signs, you should know about the meaning of β€˜Aids’. Sex indecent behavior and non natural acts in sex sharing make the reason of a disease which completely finish the human immunity that is called β€˜Aidsβ€˜. The security system of body to be destroyed due to germs of H.I.V and suffering from many diseases of a human at the same time is also called β€˜Aids’. Aids is a particular type and contagious disease. It is spread with a specific virus which is called ( HIV ). read full details: HIV Symptoms
  26. shortylovesdumplings

    Brainfood show spotify review.

    I think most people would agree with, "Simon has some very out of place interruptions at times'. But then I find it the same on a lot of 'learning' podcasts that have two people, where one is there to give the majority of facts, and the second person is there almost as the presenter. It doesn't bother me all that much except when the pair of them go off on a Star Trek tangent
  27. Rachet205

    Brainfood show spotify review.

    Let me begin by saying you guys do GREAT work. I first found you via the youtube channel and let me tell you... I ended up taking longer breaks at work than i should have :P. Once i heard Simon mention the podcasts being on spotify i promptly went to listen to the podcast. I have to say my favorite set of casts would be the ones about Roosevelt. Quite the badass he was. Although you guys are great as you are, Simon has some very out of place interruptions at times. Also an idea for the review reward thing you gents do could be to break the "grand prize" amount into smaller $100 rewards for multiple winners instead of 1 single person getting $300 for example. Keep up the good work guys! 5 stars, 10 of 10, 100%
  28. Daven

    When is the podcast coming back?

    Soon-ish! Just been a crazy first quarter of the year and needed to prioritize some other things. But should be an episode in the next week or two and then should get pretty regular from there. πŸ™‚
  29. Please be soon.... This is my favorite podcast, and that's saying a lot because I listen to a lot of podcasts...
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