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    A thing I'm wondering about if the whole women don't watch edutaining youtube videos isn't a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy: I am subscribed to a number of educational youtube channels, but I never get recommendations for other educational content, just older videos from channels I am already subscribed to. Another thing I will note is that podcasts are for when I'm travelling/working (I do mindless physical work) and youtube videos are for when I can sit and watch stuff.
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    I’ve never been married and I have no kids. I’m a huge fan of trivia and tend to listen to all of your YouTube videos rather than watch them. I have a hard time finding good educational ones usually because of their voices and/or music selections I’ve noticed that I have to watch 4-5 videos before I receive recommendations. Yours is also the only educational podcast I listen to. The rest are pop culture and TV.
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    Yeah, the Czech keyboard with the characters instead of digits can be frustrating. Mostly happens when I'm typing in a password and getting constantly denied.. then I realise that instead of entering a 3 Ive been typing š over and over again...
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    Like it when we ramble about random things? This episode's for you!
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    Firstly, I hope this is alright to post or that I have at least posted this thread in the correct section of the forum... Maybe we could have a sticky thread for new members to introduce themselves? For me, it's always the first thing I look for when signing up on a new forum. On that topic, I'm new here, I thought I would sign up as I heard the forum mentioned on a podcast. I stumbled upon the podcast accidentally as my YouTube went into autoplay. I'm glad it did too! I'm an old school technology forum crawler, more specifically PC hardware forums, an automotive technician, a chef and a web admin. I listen to a number of podcasts on and off and I just wanted to sign up and show some support for the show and I hope it continues to grow!
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    I love the podcast format - I checked out you tube channel and its alright too but I find the conversation of the podcast much more engaging. I can't speak for all women of course but for myself, I use podcast instead of YouTube because It doesn't require my undivided attention. I can listen to a podcast while driving when lying in bed while cleaning etc. I, of course, am aware of Youtube but I don't have much luxury time to just sit and watch a channel. If Youtube is playing it's on the TV and either my husband or children are using it and they are not watching what I want to watch. My podcast is on my phone and I can engage and listen as I choose. I feel like other moms/wives may deal with the same issues and this is why you have limited female audience on YouTube but I would love to see if other ladies feel the same.
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    Regarding "The Godfather" I made my thesis about it, and I haven't watched it.
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    Also weighing in - I’m a 27 year old female graduate student and I live listening! I found the podcast through your YouTube channel and it is honestly the first podcast I’ve gotten into and I’ve really been enjoying it. I listen to it at night to unwind after studying, on long drives and on planes. I feel like I enjoy your podcast for the same reasons most people have been saying, I just happen to be female (woo!) I really enjoy the interesting history - I think you explained the events leading to WWI the best I’ve heard. I DO love the macabre - what can I say, the gruesome is fascinating. I enjoy the casual banter and the tangents. I really enjoy the awkward transitions and when you congratulate yourselves on things like a good transition or a good sponsorship or complain about how much it costs to host. It’s enjoyable and so refreshingly transparent. It makes me feel like I’m listening to a friend’s podcast and I connect even more. Please continue to do slightly awkward and clumsy transitions between topics, I LOVE THEM. Finally : Simon, PLEASE ROAST MY REVIEW! (It’s on iTunes, shadowfax1300) It’s absolutely hilarious when you accidentally roast 5star reviews. I don’t know how others feel, but I love it.
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    Thanks for another great episode! Exceptional topic on an amazing human and it gave me a new appreciation for Thanksgiving even though I'm not American. I came here to say that I felt like you did wrong by Betty James, wife of the slinky guy. Considering the way she ran the company after her husband walked out on the family to join the Wycliffe Bible Translators in Bolivia, I think she deserved to be named. I don't want to give you too much of a hard time since it was a follow up but I wanted to tell you in case you left it out because you thought we wouldn't care. https://philadelphiaencyclopedia.org/archive/slinky/
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    Hi! I'm Mike. I'm an internet veteran and random facts addict. As for how I ended up here, I started following Rob Dyke which led me to Matthew Santoro which led me to Chills/Top 15 & Obsolete Oddity after which YouTube recommended List 25. I was dismayed I never knew that List 25 had a YouTube channel because I knew about the website for a long time and started watching rabidly (like I'd personally watch any other way). One day I found they had collaboration with TopTenzNet and I discovered the venerable Simon Whistler. Mr. Whistler mentioned a new channel he had called Biographics in which he mentioned another channel named Today I Found Out. I like macabre, horror, comedy, non-fiction, true crime and debunkers (Doctor Mike, History Buff, etc) for my YouTube entertainment and, obviously, Today I Found Out fits right in there. I'm pushing 50 and it's sometimes hard to find new obscure stuff to learn and about 25% of TIFO's content is completely new to me. And what I do know is re-consumed in a very entertaining milieu. The podcast is a great reminder of what I do know and a wonderful surprise of what I don't. It's great to hear people converse using multi-syllabic vocabulary and in the corny, best pals style of two people who genuinely want to learn and share what they learn while being bromance partners.. I'm an old-school geek, gaming dork, nerd and fandom fan. My vocation is gamemaster but I've recently been derailed by a steadily failing voicebox. I also mentor LGBT youth and have the honor of being a lot of unruly inner=city kids' "Uncle" Mike. 😁 Love the podcast, love the channel, and even loved having my eardrums blown out by Simon's whistling. Spouse: "What are you listening to?" Me: "Simon Whistler whistling..." Spouse: "...."
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    I'm surprised that neither of you knew about MUDs. They're called dungeons because they're really primitive MMOs. See :http://www.topmudsites.com/ MUDs still exist, and some of them are super old. Regarding SCSilk's message. My wife and I are both mathematicians, and Hidden Figures was the least cringy movie with math in it that we'd ever seen.
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    I came on here to mention the frying spam thing! VERY VERY Important to fry it till it gets nice and caramelized before you eat it. Oh and Daven, regarding computer Worms: I was always under the impression that worms were in reference to a subset of virus meant to duplicate and spread out while remaining undetected in the background either doing some small unobtrusive task or waiting for a command, the ones i remember were all controlled on secret irc channels and I think they have essentially evolved into today's botnets. Also I have been reading a lot about the history of LISP and am really curious / would love to hear an episode on the artificial intelligence winter. It was something that i was going to school during in the US ( I am 34 ) and I was completely unaware at the time of the past of AI and even really of the field itself, deep blue felt like ancient history to a kid and there was nothing on the horizon. Just food for thought, thanks again for all the pod casts and the great research and entertainment. -long term fan, recently engaging.
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    I just listened to Part three of your tech series. Some notes: - MUD = multi user dungeons = first online dungeon and dragons type sites. Also includes role playing and chat sites. - There were also 8 inch floppies available in the 70s which were soft like the 5 1/4 inch ones. They didn’t hold much. - As far as disk drive naming conventions go, D came next in the lettering scheme, but CDs predated DVDs. - If you buy SPAM, fry it before you eat it. - The people who did computations were called computers. They did more than data entry. When IBM started building machines to do this faster, they became the computers. This is mentioned in the movie “Hidden Figures”. - Yes, they were called worms in the 80s. - I’d gladly do your Brain Food intro! Seriously. I’ll send you a demo. Thanks for all the hard work!
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    I would really love to see a video on where the phrase “it’s not rocket science” original came from.
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    Hello, Russell! Couldn't agree with you more, "introduce yourself thread" makes community welcoming and inclusive. My name is Jack, btw, and it's nice to meet you. Pretty sad that you haven't visited community since your last post. I'm a geek, hobbyist and an IT freelancer. Came here because of podcast too and just wanted to say, how great it is. Thanks for your work! p.s. - Live long and prosper ?
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    I agree. I also don't want to speak for all women but in my experience I think it is hard for women to have the time to sit down and engage in something like youtube. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and a career and a house to take care of so I'm afraid multitasking is all I can do and the listen only format lends itself to that. I am a fan of the youtube videos as well I just don't have time to get to them regularly. I enjoy the banter of a podcast and enjoy the longer ones! On a separate note, I also listen to a very popular true crime podcast that has an active community (SSDGM). It has been brought up several times in that community that the majority are women and we have discussed why that might be. The gist is that women think about and feel as if they are more likely to become victims of a crime (specifically murder) so we feel the more we know the better prepared we are to deal with situations thus helping with the anxiety. For example, if rent is incredibly cheap for a nice apartment, a man might think the neighbors are loud or something is wrong with the apartment that isn't obvious. A woman might think that the apartment is a part of a murder castle a la H. H. Holmes and therefore avoided getting murdered. ? Sorry to be long winded and I'd love to see other opinions. Also, bring on the pole! I'm interested in the results!
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    "we should get an intro where we have a nice sounding man or woman..." Simon. You are that nice sounding man. That's why you have a GPS soundboard!
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    The part about unnecessary letters reminded me about a YouTube video named 'What if English were phonetically consistent'. If you like language quirks/kwirks/kwerks/kvurks, this may be both fun and interesting. https://youtu.be/A8zWWp0akUU
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    I disagree to all 3 points. I enjoy the more upbeat and unpredictable nature of the podcast. Simon and Daven have a very good and natural rapport with each other and quickly move the conversation forward, which keeps me entertained. I don't particularly enjoy Hello Internet, which is a bit slower at times, and when one participant simply waits for the other to finish talking before offering input it has a tendency to become a bit monologue-y. As to point 3, if Simon knew too much about the subject at hand the storytelling would probably seem a bit unnatural or stiff, as they would inform each other about things both of them already know simply for the sake of the audience. All in all, my advice to them regarding the their interaction with each other is: Don't think about it. They are clearly good friends and comfortable in each other's company, which creates that sort of intangible 'good vibe' that is hard to create but easy to destroy. If they try to be something other than themselves it could easily make both of them seem non-genuine. Don't try to imitate Hello Internet or any other podcast. Carve out your own niche instead of becoming an inferior copy of someone else's.
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    Just checking in as one of the < 20% women that listen (apparently). I found this very surprising! Who wouldn't want to know more stuff about stuff.
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    In the podcast you mentioned changing the way you make the YouTube thumbnails, and I have to say, I really dont like the way the new ones look. I think what you were doing before was really good. If there was a way you could combine the click bate factor with how nice they looked before, that would be amazing. But also the game theroist is not a good channel. Mat Pat is really annoying and I would take advice from him with a huge grain of salt. But I am not a youtuber, just a fan who has grown up watching youtube since it started, and I have to say, the new thumbnails are not making me excited to click your videos. They look garish and out of place. But whatever helps you guys get more views so you keep making videos is a plus.
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    Simon said this as a joke, but it is actually smart because it works. Why? Generally 'fake accents' rely on the fact that certain letters 'tend' to make certain sounds in certain languages. For example, Japanese sounds very "choppy" to an,english ear. As such if you were to say Hiroshima (usually said as heero sheema in english) in a "fake" Japanese accent, you'd end up saying Hi Ro Shi Ma, which is actually, exactly how you pronounce the city. The fact the letters tend to be pronounced the certain way in a "fake" accent is precisely because the fakeness comes from the fact that is actually how they pronounce those letters in their language! I use this trick for pronouncing people's names that I just meet and often get compliments at how few others pronounce it correctly on the first try.
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    I've been using google play music to listen just because it's easier for me to do at work. It's probably one of the worst platforms out there. You can't rate or leave comments, you can't download, and it's impossible to find if you don't know where to look. I will definitely be checking out one of the other apps for android.
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    It can be found here right now https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi8jkvwpSmGoDtfrIw_HDKQ Apparently they haven't quite put it in audio only form yet, but will have that up sometime this month on the various podcast platforms.
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    I'm still thinking about a guy dressed like Abe Lincoln smashing up chairs in a modern theatre... My girlfriend will ask me what I'm laughing about, I still have to tell her its "the Lincoln thing again"