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    Before I start this post I want to stress that I am big fans of Daven and Simon and really enjoy the podcast and the today I found out show, I just wanted to say that I am a bit fed up with the sporadic posting of the podcast of recent months, we have been promised a more regular schedule multiple times and it does not appear to have happened. I check for a new podcast on an almost daily basis so have found it pretty annoying when they haven't come out when they have been promised, Again, I want to say I know they are free, and I enjoy what content you do put out, but please dont promise something that you don't deliver. If you cant deliver a podcast on a regular basis just say and we will understand. I appreciate you make far more money on youtube but some of us really enjoy the podcast.
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    I add and use keyboards for both Kana and Romaji for the Japanese language with a predictive feature. If I type kaimono (shopping) on my keyboard this hiragana will appear かいもの (ka-i-mo-no) then a predictive kanji for kaimono (shopping) 買い物 will appear and I have to tap or click it.