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    Star Trek the Next Generation is the best. However, fair warning- the first season is utter crap. It's legitimately awful. The second season is hit or miss. Generally the first not just good, but great episode is considered to be The Measure of a Man which is during the second season, which really for the first time gives you a glimpse of where the show will soon go in terms of quality. (Obviously there are still bad episodes occasionally throughout, but around then is when they really start to hit their stride.) Then just brace yourself for around season five or six and The Inner Light.. Best episode of any show ever. ? Also in some ways the most un-Star Trek episode of Star Trek. On that note my personal top five favorites in order for The Next Generations: The Inner Light, First Contact (episode, not the movie), The Best of Both Worlds (two parter), Family (the next episode after The Best of Both Worlds), and The Measure of a Man. Deep Space Nine is a very different style of show (more character driven than plot driven in some ways and more action), which still suffers a bit from the first couple seasons being not so great (though not as bad as TNG's first season), but it gets reasonably good. Personally I was never a huge fan of Voyager just because of how inconstant it was and the fact that it very much seemed like they had two sets of writers who had very different ideas of how the show should go and even the personalities of some of the characters, most notably the captain who one episode would have one personality and the next a completely different one. It was maddening, actually causing the actress to finally give up and just play it off like she had post traumatic stress disorder. ? The doctor on Voyager, however, is one of the best characters in any Star Trek series. He alone almost makes the show worth watching anyway. He's a gem. Voyager also features an expansion of the occasional Next Generation character of Lt Barkley. He's a unique character in the Star Trek world and one very beloved by many (and by me as well) despite not being in that many episodes. There are great episodes in there too, just more rare and the bad episodes are more frequent throughout. I will say the ending of Voyager though was really, really good. However, The Next Generation's final episode beats it, being one of the greatest final episodes of any TV series I've ever seen. They really nailed it on that one. Enterprise is decent, but unfortunately gets way bogged down by an absurd time travel "cold war" central plot, when what they should have been doing the whole time was focusing on the formation of the Federation as the central plot driver, which they do occasionally touch on, but not nearly enough. (And really, Hollywood writers should use time travel sparingly because they are really, really bad at it, generally just using it as a way to do whatever they want without regard to anything making any sense or being consistent- in essence, being lazy. Episodes where they took the time to have it all make sense, those time travel episodes are great. But they rarely do that..) The 4th season of Enterprise though is the best when they kind of abandon the time travel cold war plot line (mostly, as fan feedback was decidedly negative and ratings dropping like crazy) and go with what they should have been focusing on the whole time. It's unfortunate it didn't make it a few more seasons to develop that more instead of rush it like they did. But the 4th season was pretty good anyway. Then there's the movies. Star Trek First Contact is by far the best and the preceding Star Trek Generations I think is second best. Most of the others are more just like high budget episodes of the main show when talking about the most recent batch. Decent, but nothing special. But First Contact is a legitimately great movie. Can't speak much to the original series. Every time I try to get through it as an adult, I never make it more than a few episodes in before I give up. ? I'd perhaps like the movies with the original cast more if I could get through the original series maybe. Those movies are decent, but not terribly enamored with them myself. So my recommendation would be to watch in this order: Star Trek the Next Generation (just push through the first two seasons, I promise it will be worth it and the second season will give you glimmers of what will come ;-)) Then after that at any point in order: Star Trek Generations (film) (Very good) Star Trek First Contact (film) (Great) Star Trek Insurrection (film) (Decent) Star Trek Nemesis (film) (Meh, and F you writers for something that happens at the end, given there was no follow up to fix it because it was the last of that line) And continue on the TV side Deep Space Nine or Enterprise (in either order) then Voyager (which I think is actually Simon's favorite for some reason, perhaps because it's the one he grew up with, whereas I'm about 6 years older so grew up with The Next Generation ;-)) Then if you can do it, the original series and films. If nothing else, the films are worth a watch. ?
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    I disagree to all 3 points. I enjoy the more upbeat and unpredictable nature of the podcast. Simon and Daven have a very good and natural rapport with each other and quickly move the conversation forward, which keeps me entertained. I don't particularly enjoy Hello Internet, which is a bit slower at times, and when one participant simply waits for the other to finish talking before offering input it has a tendency to become a bit monologue-y. As to point 3, if Simon knew too much about the subject at hand the storytelling would probably seem a bit unnatural or stiff, as they would inform each other about things both of them already know simply for the sake of the audience. All in all, my advice to them regarding the their interaction with each other is: Don't think about it. They are clearly good friends and comfortable in each other's company, which creates that sort of intangible 'good vibe' that is hard to create but easy to destroy. If they try to be something other than themselves it could easily make both of them seem non-genuine. Don't try to imitate Hello Internet or any other podcast. Carve out your own niche instead of becoming an inferior copy of someone else's.
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    First Contact FTW! Not a typical Trek movie, much like IV, and they’re both my favourites!
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    I actually enjoy the dichotomy between the two of them. The way they are doing the podcasts now is excellent in my opinion (short of the fragmented uploading)
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    Just checking in as one of the < 20% women that listen (apparently). I found this very surprising! Who wouldn't want to know more stuff about stuff.
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    I am really enjoying the podcast, and it has proven very useful to me as well. I have been able to use them on class reports, however, it makes it a bit harder without the sources. If the sources could be added in the episode description, that would be useful.
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    4 part!? While that excites me, I also wish I could listen to all 4 hours now!!
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    I understand that you were advised to make lower quality thumbnails to attract new viewers. The logic is sound that videos with flashy thumbnails will attract more clicks from random people, but they also subtract something from the credibility of your show. I love Today I Found Out's consistently amazing quality and well sourced material, and have a playlist of videos to show to students, but im not comfortable giving a student a link if it pops up as a goofy image of bubble letters and Simon making weird faces. Colorful, silly images work well for a channel like game theory that caters to a younger audience, but fall flat for a show that tries to educate.
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    I know this idea was poopooed on the podcast, but I think it could be interesting. Since Simon and Daven do not seem familiar with Discord, I'd like to try to explain what it is and how it works. It's a chat room. The reason I think some people (at least me) want one is not so much so that we can chat with Simon and Daven, but so that we can chat with other TIFO fans. I'd like to think that due to the nature of the content, we are, as a group, intelligent and curious about the world. I enjoy chatting with people who are these things and think others would as well. The only/major downside is you need someone to run it, IE moderators. Once you have these in place, the discord basically can/will run itself. You need not ever drop by.. That being said, people may enjoy it if you guys did, and you could have events if you wish where you come on to the discord. You could also gate some channels behind patreon donations, which would be a way of driving/encouraging donations (I've donated just to get in a discord before) Discord has both text and voice chat features, but most people tend to use it for text unless the discord is very gaming focused; still it helps to have a voice channel to relax in with friends. As a neat bonus note that Discord allows for various coloured roles. I've included a picture of what a TIFO discord might look like
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    a discord would be nice as it is not too bad to moderate, different roles can have their own private chanels (such as patreon channels, staff channels and TIFO-staff channel) plus it comes with decent voice channels, channel "groups" and you can also "mute" them if they get too busy with a message every second finally discord has a few handy tools such as audit logs (shows what staff have created or changed and if anybody has deleted or edited stuff) plus i think it has a "chat delay" featue oh and have i also mentioned that you can have custom bots too? so you can have a robot relay any new youtube video to a channel
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    In the podcast you mentioned changing the way you make the YouTube thumbnails, and I have to say, I really dont like the way the new ones look. I think what you were doing before was really good. If there was a way you could combine the click bate factor with how nice they looked before, that would be amazing. But also the game theroist is not a good channel. Mat Pat is really annoying and I would take advice from him with a huge grain of salt. But I am not a youtuber, just a fan who has grown up watching youtube since it started, and I have to say, the new thumbnails are not making me excited to click your videos. They look garish and out of place. But whatever helps you guys get more views so you keep making videos is a plus.
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    I found this episode really interesting! I actually have a few interesting facts that I want to add too! I did a report on Theatrical Gas Lighting in college, and this reminded me of it. In the Neoclassical Era in French Theatre, nobles would actually be seated on the stage, to showcase their wealth. Theatre, in general, was also very "flat". Sets were often flats (think walls), that were painted to look like the given scenes. There wasn't much depth, and the theatre was about the spectacle and being seen as an audience member, as opposed to actually seeing a performance. The advent of gas lighting (introduced in 1817 at the Lyceum, Covent Garden, and Drury Lane Theaters in London) created a marked change in the theatre dynamic. Lighting was brighter, controllable, and could produce colors with colored cellophane or the famous "limelight", the former being the predecessor to modern-day cyc lights, which create their colors with colored "gels". This advancement in lighting allowed for the onset of the naturalism/realism movements in theatrical styles; because the actors could actually be seen, their choreography became more realistic, and costumes, makeup, and sets became more detailed. With this gas lighting, a divide developed between the audience and the performance. The gaslights likely made the theaters very warm and posed a fire hazard. As a result, the lights in the audience would be dimmed when the lights on-stage were on, thus leading to the modern practice of dimming the house when the show begins. As one could guess, the audience members could no longer see each other in the darkness, and they instead focused on the performances. This point likely marks the shift from an active audience to the passive audience of modern theatre. I have also included a few graphics of how this gaslighting work. They can be found in Walter Grafton's Handbook of Practical Gas-Fitting and Lloyd's Practical Guide to Scene Painting and Painting in Distemper (respectively). Sources Include: Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, The. "Limelight." Encyclopædia Britannica. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 14 Feb. 2012. Web. 25 Feb. 2017. Emeljanow, Victor. "Erasing the Spectator: Observations on Nineteenth Century Lighting." Theatre History Studies 18 (1998): 107-16. ProQuest. Web. 25 Feb. 2017. Essig, Linda. "A Primer for the History of STAGE LIGHTING." TD & T - Theatre Design & Technology Spring 2016: 10,20,22-23. ProQuest. Web. 25 Feb. 2017 . Grafton, Walter. "Chapter XI: Theatres and Public Places of Entertainment." Handbook of Practical Gas-fitting: A Treatise on the Distribution of Gas in Service Pipes, the Use of Coal Gas, and the Best Means of Economizing Gas from Main to Burner: For the Use of Students, Plumbers, Gas-fitters, and Gas Managers. London: B.T. Batsford, 1907. 141-54. Print. Lloyds, F. "Hints on Effects." Practical Guide to Scene Painting and Painting in Distemper. London: George Rowny, 1875. 74-87. Print. McCullough, Jack W. "The Theatre as seen through Late Nineteenth Century Technical Periodicals." Performing Arts Resources 14 (1989): 13-58. ProQuest. Web. 25 Feb. 2017. Pearl, Sharrona. "Building Beauty: Physiognomy on the Gas-Lit Stage." Endeavour 30.3 (2006): 84-89. JSTOR [JSTOR]. Web. 25 Feb. 2017. Rees, Terence A. L. Theatre Lighting in the Age of Gas. Cambridge: Entertainment Technology, 2004. Print. Wild, Larry. "A Brief Outline of the History of Stage Lighting." A Brief History of Stage Lighting. Northern State University, 14 Sept. 2015. Web. 25 Feb. 2017.
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    Simon said this as a joke, but it is actually smart because it works. Why? Generally 'fake accents' rely on the fact that certain letters 'tend' to make certain sounds in certain languages. For example, Japanese sounds very "choppy" to an,english ear. As such if you were to say Hiroshima (usually said as heero sheema in english) in a "fake" Japanese accent, you'd end up saying Hi Ro Shi Ma, which is actually, exactly how you pronounce the city. The fact the letters tend to be pronounced the certain way in a "fake" accent is precisely because the fakeness comes from the fact that is actually how they pronounce those letters in their language! I use this trick for pronouncing people's names that I just meet and often get compliments at how few others pronounce it correctly on the first try.
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    My heart stopped when my name got mentioned! Didn't mean to "meh" you Just happened to release the podcast at a time when I had a lot of content to listen to, so what I was saying is that you guys are worth shuffling other things down a few slots. Anyway, I've become addicted now, its too late to go back!
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    I've been using google play music to listen just because it's easier for me to do at work. It's probably one of the worst platforms out there. You can't rate or leave comments, you can't download, and it's impossible to find if you don't know where to look. I will definitely be checking out one of the other apps for android.
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    Gah, horrible! I managed to listen for 1:44.34 before i could not stand dudes meandering speech anymore. He's totally out of date but giving advice? Enjoyed the early podcasts and this one up until the interview started.
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    I’m twelve minutes in, and already miss the whistle. Next episode needs to be a #throwbackthursday episode with the whistle coming back!!
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    Is it possible we could get a section for topic suggustions? I think a little crowd sourced wisdom to develop possible ideas before it makes it into the grand spreadsheet of ideas for the channel, would give any professionals whom might see the forum a chance to add something valuble to the production. Please let me know what you think of this.
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    The season 4 episode of TNG called First Contact is also exceptionally good too. :-)
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    It can be found here right now https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi8jkvwpSmGoDtfrIw_HDKQ Apparently they haven't quite put it in audio only form yet, but will have that up sometime this month on the various podcast platforms.
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    SECOND. Oh dear.
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    Agreed, I think the majority of TIFO videos are best suited to our normal format (although we do want to make lots of improvements to that over time), but we are planning to insert lots of extra videos like the Snoop Dogg one into the line up!
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    Thanks James, I'll check out Andorra, and see if there is a topic there to be explored :). And thanks for the positive feedback on the mini-doc everyone. Lots more planned for this year!