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  1. Daven

    The Most Powerful Pirate

    Sorry about the audio.... 😉
  2. Daven

    Christmas Episodes

    Sorry for the delay in production. We recorded these a few weeks back, but had some issues that needed sorting before we could hit publish. 🙂
  3. Daven

    two episodes in one day!

    Thanks 🙂
  4. Daven

    A Christmas Podcast

    Seriously, everyone should go watch the TNT/Patrick Stewart version of a Christmas Carol....
  5. Daven

    The Remarkable Sarah Hale

    " Do not eat it raw. It isn't good that way." Yep, definitely concur with that. It was like eating exceptionally fatty ham that smelled like wet cat food...
  6. I actually like that you jumped on to join the discussion right away. 😉
  7. Daven

    The Remarkable Sarah Hale

    "might be that it is justification based only on the benefit that educating women might have for men," This is exactly what I was trying to grasp for there, but not finding the words. All that said, I should have also explicitly mentioned that Ben Franklin was known for his rather subtle sense of humor, often embedding jokes and satire that take quite a bit of digging to uncover. So much so that in the forward to the autobiography, the rather distinguished editor claimed that this is one of the reasons there was hesitation to let Franklin write the Declaration of Independence. Instead, they had him just as an advisor on its wording, and directed the much less qualified Jefferson to take the lead. I could definitely see arguing that women should be educated only because of the benefit it would have for men being one of those instances of very subtle satire. 😉 Or, if not, at least to modern eyes, it's kind of a humorous away to argue that. 🙂
  8. Daven

    The Remarkable Sarah Hale

    "self-serving" is the phrase I was looking for in the part about Ben Franklin's argument as to why women should be educated. 🙂
  9. Daven

    Women Listeners

    Interesting point there. It is possible the algorithm has picked up women in general don't watch a lot of educational youtube, so simply is less likely to recommend those videos, even to women who do sometimes watch.
  10. Turns out I was remembering correctly- slinky was used to describe women or clothes that were "sinuous and slender"
  11. Daven

    Women Listeners

    Interesting. Thanks! ?
  12. Daven


    Ya the original plan was to do sort of a "self-help" section covering some major point(s) in a relevant book or the like, as well as have other practical knowledge type stuff. Sort of making it a really long variety show, but very quickly feedback was that people didn't like the variety show idea and we should just stick to the main part. At some point we may start a separate podcast for that kind of stuff though. ?
  13. Daven

    Tech History Series

    Again, go check out the Mother of All Demos. It really is a super interesting watch.
  14. Daven

    The Macabre Series

    Ha! We thought for sure they were going to tell us to re-do the ad, but they actually loved it. ?
  15. Daven

    The Macabre Series

    Well that escalated quickly.... ?