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  1. Daven

    Daven was up

    Yep, at some point. 🙂 It's hard for both Simon and I to do at the same time with a good quality stream because we're about 9K miles away from one another. There are services that let us do it, but it's incredibly buggy and quality isn't awesome. 🙂
  2. Daven

    When is the podcast coming back?

    Sometime in the next week or two 🙂 Been pretty swamped this month trying to hire some help on various things so I don't have to work every day all day all the time, and then have a bit more time for podcasts. 🙂 Also trying to come up with the money for that. 😉 It's a process. 🙂
  3. Daven

    It's a Wonderful Life

    Stewart and Giannini were kind of awesome...
  4. Daven

    The Greatest Practical Jokes

    Hook was a bit of a legend. 😉
  5. @Adri Until you watch Thor Ragnarok. The perfect blend of action, comedy, and drama. 🙂
  6. Simon once again shows his lack of knowledge of pop culture in perhaps the most poignant way yet.. 🙂
  7. Daven

    Animal Facts Series

    @Kat That's awesome 🙂
  8. Daven

    Whats wrong with the livestream?

    All livestreamed episodes of the podcast will show up on the podcast feed within a week or so of the livestream. As for the livestream, we take it down and then cut out the beginning pre-amble where we make sure everything is working and then re-post it later on the BrainFood Show playlist on the channel:
  9. A phenomenal way to rip a plane's wings off is to pull up like crazy when the plane is rapidly hurtling towards the ground. 😉
  10. We live streamed the recording, if you caught that. 🙂 Otherwise no, unless Simon's mentioned it before on some episode and we've just completely forgotten. But usually I have a good memory for these things. 🙂
  11. For anyone wanting to read a fuller account of the tale of George Eastman's death, go here.
  12. Daven

    podcasts at a reasonable interval?

    Well we got the episode in somehow, despite being on crappy hotel internet. That episode should be up probably at the latest by Monday. 🙂
  13. Daven

    podcasts at a reasonable interval?

    Haha, I swear it will be more regular soon (sometime within 1-2 months definitely). Just some unexpected things came up both on the work side AND personal side in June and July that threw a wrench in things. And actually right now as well on the personal side, though we are going to attempt to record an episode tonight anyway even though I'm on crappy hotel internet from a little unexpected trip. We'll see how it goes. 🙂