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  1. Daven

    General Podcast Feedback

    " (though I would love an audio only version of tifo to listen to while driving " That is coming very soon! 🙂 On the other note of why we post the podcast on youtube, it's mainly just for promotional reasons. However, we have been very surprised to note how many people just prefer to listen via YouTube for some odd reason. I assume they're just sitting at their desks at work or whatever and it's easier to just open up a new tab and let it run in the background than whip out your phone or something. Or maybe they have YouTube Red which lets you continue listening to youtube videos even when you turn your screen off, and don't already have a podcast app installed on their phone, so just prefer to listen via YouTube that way. Interesting whatever the case.
  2. Discussion thread for this one! Hope you enjoy it 🙂
  3. Daven

    General Podcast Feedback

    I don't think Spotify gives us anything directly, but that would ultimately count as a download of an episode, which when you get enough of them advertisers then are willing to sponsor the show, which is key to have happen eventually. Our overall listenership is plenty big enough for such sponsorship, but because a decent percentage listen through YouTube, which doesn't count as downloads, thus far haven't gotten any sponsors super interested yet as the download numbers don't look as good as they like (Most want HUGE listenership before willing to sponsor.). Sort of splitting the audience right now. 🙂
  4. Daven

    General Podcast Feedback

    Awesome! They never notified us that we'd been accepted 🙂
  5. Daven

    Episode 3: The Preposterous Pyramid

    Thanks! Glad you're liking it 🙂
  6. Daven

    Episode 2: The White Feather

    It really is a phenomenal movie. 🙂
  7. Daven

    New Thumbnails

    It's an experiment. Will likely need tweaked a bit as we get data on how things are going, and maybe even scrapped altogether. No sense annoying people if it's not increasing views/subscribers. 🙂
  8. Daven

    Jarring Mid-Roll Ad Break

    Are you referring to built in youtube ads popping in or one in which Simon does an in-video ad explicitly? Unfortunately if YouTube's doing it, we have no way of knowing when or even if those are going to happen. It would be very nice if youtube would allow for an upload of such a little video snippet or something like you suggest for when they are going to do those mid-video ads though.
  9. Daven

    General Podcast Feedback

    As far as I'm aware the podcast is not yet on spotify owing to their system of acceptance being by all accounts very random and taking forever. At some point I'm sure the podcast will be there, but for now I don't think it is. But as for your question there, you can listen to the podcast anywhere and it helps us out (other than YouTube, funny enough, at the moment any way). 🙂
  10. We really did record the intro to this one with Mike a few times before he very kindly discussed with us various alternatives to Skype and then nicely walked us through setting everything up on a new online audio recording platform, at which point we conducted the interview without a hitch. 🙂
  11. Daven

    General Podcast Feedback

    Thanks a_jole! 🙂
  12. "while you're trying to shed your winter coat...so hungry now." You should try researching/writing on these things... So amazingly hungry throughout and at the end. The articles on French Fries and the origin of Buffalo Wings were particularly difficult to get through. 😉
  13. Daven

    The Bull Moose Part 2

    And the finale discussion thread! (For now... Teddy Roosevelt is worthy of many more episodes at some point, as is his daughter who we are equally enamored with. :-))
  14. Daven

    Episode 9: The Bull Moose Part 1

    I was just happy my ~2 decade old vague recollections of the War of 1812 from only mildly paying attention to it in history class weren't totally off base upon further review.. 🙂 Also from reading up on it now, there are a lot of interesting stories connected to it. Probably should do some episodes on it at some point. 🙂
  15. Ya I also don't particularly like the GameTheorists' style of videos, though given what I now know about how much thought they put into every little thing (and how extremely data driven it is- it is truly impressive how much data they have compiled and how deep they dive), I'm guessing their style is very purposeful. 🙂 And ya, this is kind of the point with the thumbnails- they do inherently not look terribly good. But the data at hand strongly implies they get more clicks in this style. (I assume precisely because they're garish and out of place, so draw the eye :-)) We'll, of course, be analyzing the data coming in as well, but need a large samplesize owing to youtube not providing any way to split-test thumbnails or anything like that. I also assume if everyone starts doing their thumbnails in this way, it would quickly lose its effect and going back to ultra-nice looking thumbnails would then perform better. 🙂