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  1. Daven

    Women Listeners

    Interesting point there. It is possible the algorithm has picked up women in general don't watch a lot of educational youtube, so simply is less likely to recommend those videos, even to women who do sometimes watch.
  2. Turns out I was remembering correctly- slinky was used to describe women or clothes that were "sinuous and slender"
  3. Daven

    Women Listeners

    Interesting. Thanks! ?
  4. Daven


    Ya the original plan was to do sort of a "self-help" section covering some major point(s) in a relevant book or the like, as well as have other practical knowledge type stuff. Sort of making it a really long variety show, but very quickly feedback was that people didn't like the variety show idea and we should just stick to the main part. At some point we may start a separate podcast for that kind of stuff though. ?
  5. Daven

    Tech History Series

    Again, go check out the Mother of All Demos. It really is a super interesting watch.
  6. Daven

    The Macabre Series

    Ha! We thought for sure they were going to tell us to re-do the ad, but they actually loved it. ?
  7. Daven

    The Macabre Series

    Well that escalated quickly.... ?
  8. Wikipedia is a good jumping off point for a lot of subjects, but as with any source everything needs double checked and there's often a lot more information to be found elsewhere. Again, nobody bats a thousand. It doesn't matter how reputable a source, everybody gets stuff wrong sometimes, even experts on a subject. So we just always try for very broad and deep research on everything to try to pull out all the interesting details and make sure everything's as accurate as possible.
  9. Daven

    The Final Frontier Part 5

    Still not sure if we should take it personal how many people use the show to fall asleep... ?
  10. Daven

    The Final Frontier Part 4

    Sorry about the horrible joke... ?
  11. Daven

    The Final Frontier Part 3

    One of my new favorite episodes. Hope you like it ?
  12. Daven

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    Star Trek the Next Generation is the best. However, fair warning- the first season is utter crap. It's legitimately awful. The second season is hit or miss. Generally the first not just good, but great episode is considered to be The Measure of a Man which is during the second season, which really for the first time gives you a glimpse of where the show will soon go in terms of quality. (Obviously there are still bad episodes occasionally throughout, but around then is when they really start to hit their stride.) Then just brace yourself for around season five or six and The Inner Light.. Best episode of any show ever. ? Also in some ways the most un-Star Trek episode of Star Trek. On that note my personal top five favorites in order for The Next Generations: The Inner Light, First Contact (episode, not the movie), The Best of Both Worlds (two parter), Family (the next episode after The Best of Both Worlds), and The Measure of a Man. Deep Space Nine is a very different style of show (more character driven than plot driven in some ways and more action), which still suffers a bit from the first couple seasons being not so great (though not as bad as TNG's first season), but it gets reasonably good. Personally I was never a huge fan of Voyager just because of how inconstant it was and the fact that it very much seemed like they had two sets of writers who had very different ideas of how the show should go and even the personalities of some of the characters, most notably the captain who one episode would have one personality and the next a completely different one. It was maddening, actually causing the actress to finally give up and just play it off like she had post traumatic stress disorder. ? The doctor on Voyager, however, is one of the best characters in any Star Trek series. He alone almost makes the show worth watching anyway. He's a gem. Voyager also features an expansion of the occasional Next Generation character of Lt Barkley. He's a unique character in the Star Trek world and one very beloved by many (and by me as well) despite not being in that many episodes. There are great episodes in there too, just more rare and the bad episodes are more frequent throughout. I will say the ending of Voyager though was really, really good. However, The Next Generation's final episode beats it, being one of the greatest final episodes of any TV series I've ever seen. They really nailed it on that one. Enterprise is decent, but unfortunately gets way bogged down by an absurd time travel "cold war" central plot, when what they should have been doing the whole time was focusing on the formation of the Federation as the central plot driver, which they do occasionally touch on, but not nearly enough. (And really, Hollywood writers should use time travel sparingly because they are really, really bad at it, generally just using it as a way to do whatever they want without regard to anything making any sense or being consistent- in essence, being lazy. Episodes where they took the time to have it all make sense, those time travel episodes are great. But they rarely do that..) The 4th season of Enterprise though is the best when they kind of abandon the time travel cold war plot line (mostly, as fan feedback was decidedly negative and ratings dropping like crazy) and go with what they should have been focusing on the whole time. It's unfortunate it didn't make it a few more seasons to develop that more instead of rush it like they did. But the 4th season was pretty good anyway. Then there's the movies. Star Trek First Contact is by far the best and the preceding Star Trek Generations I think is second best. Most of the others are more just like high budget episodes of the main show when talking about the most recent batch. Decent, but nothing special. But First Contact is a legitimately great movie. Can't speak much to the original series. Every time I try to get through it as an adult, I never make it more than a few episodes in before I give up. ? I'd perhaps like the movies with the original cast more if I could get through the original series maybe. Those movies are decent, but not terribly enamored with them myself. So my recommendation would be to watch in this order: Star Trek the Next Generation (just push through the first two seasons, I promise it will be worth it and the second season will give you glimmers of what will come ;-)) Then after that at any point in order: Star Trek Generations (film) (Very good) Star Trek First Contact (film) (Great) Star Trek Insurrection (film) (Decent) Star Trek Nemesis (film) (Meh, and F you writers for something that happens at the end, given there was no follow up to fix it because it was the last of that line) And continue on the TV side Deep Space Nine or Enterprise (in either order) then Voyager (which I think is actually Simon's favorite for some reason, perhaps because it's the one he grew up with, whereas I'm about 6 years older so grew up with The Next Generation ;-)) Then if you can do it, the original series and films. If nothing else, the films are worth a watch. ?
  13. Seriously, any women out there want to practice the method mentioned and let us know how long it took to get good at it? ?
  14. Daven

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    Thanks for the feedback! On the quietness, we have a new audio editor now and I *think* that problem is now fixed. Let me know what you think on that on the latest Final Frontier episode. ?
  15. Daven

    guys why no podcast this week

    Thanks! We have a new one up finally. More to come. We've already recorded most of this space series, just need to edit them all. ?