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  1. The pirates that kidnapped Caesar were not Sicilians. They were Cilicians, based in the Asian side of Turkey. Regarding the political issues that awaited Caesar at home: His political ally, Pompey, turned on Caesar after the death of Crassus, the third member of their triumvirate who, it turns out, was really the key in keeping that tense political union together. Just before Crassus' death, Pompey's wife died in childbirth, along with the baby. That wife was Caesar's daughter! Caesar, being very good at customer service, offered Pompey his great-niece's hand in marriage in an attempt to secure his political support. Pompey declined the offer. So, yeah, things were tense in Rome, and Caesar knew he had no friends left, save his army. One last crazy twist: Caesar had originally pledged his daughter to someone else to marry before breaking that deal to marry her off to Pompey. Who? Marcus Brutus. Yes, the 'Et tu, Brute' Brutus. Roman history is so awesome.... It gave us Asterix, too. =)