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  1. Manda.Sutherland

    The Final Frontier Part 5

    I dont listen to fall asleep. I listen to the shows while I'm driving home from work and walking the dog. I wouldn't be able to sleep listening to so many facts and history stories! I understand that your voices are calming, but it is way too interesting to not pay attention. And stop listening to the haters about the tangents being too long and sporadic. It is the best part of the show when you have info facts just pop up. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyone. Shout out to fellow lady listeners too. But unlike the other lady listener, I haven't tried peeing while standing. haha I have one last space question since you talked about random body fluids and other things not thought about in space. Has anyone talked about babies in space or is it a myth they would be malformed? Has NASA ever studied it Also, If you are a captain of a space ship can you officiate weddings like a sea captain? (Okay that may be a silly question idk.. )Thanks! Keep up the hard work. Praying for Simon's new marriage and both of your continued friendship towards each other, Amanda Sutherland
  2. Manda.Sutherland

    No Ranch!?

    I know I'm catching up on the podcasts, but the moment I heard you haven't had ranch I had to stop and come to the forums... that is insane. I hope for your sake you at least have tried good ketchup. Without those 2 dipping sauces to cover EVERYTHING, I think no child in America would survive past toddlerhood. And please for the love of all good ranches.. do not try that subway ranch before your trip! Eww! Haha love you guys! I listen with my puppy on walks. Keep up the tangential, bunny trails that's what makes the stories so good!-Amanda