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  1. Throwing up suddenly changes your body condition especially the temperature. Very common for people who are sick, drunk and dizzy. We recently installed the new super swamper tires on buddy's toy Wrangler and took for a spin. His younger brother joined and suddenly felt unwell after about 30mins of bumpy ride. He throw up and took about 10mins rest and then felt better.for the rest of the trip. Throwing up somehow is body's way to heal itself and remove the any unwanted chemical in the body.
  2. All I know too the operations about the conjoined twins are very long and delicate as well.
  3. kliert


    Care to explain what kind of hermitage you like or expect?
  4. Good idea to direct the addiction to another addicting things, just wrong to use another drugs to keep a person away from drugs.
  5. kliert

    Calendars, boring right? Wrong.

    Even when you formulated a much simpler calendar system, it will take long before the world community to adapt to it. The current system works and is part of the people's daily life so unless the new one got more significant use, it will not easily adapted.
  6. That sounds very tricky especially for beginners.
  7. kliert

    Video Suggestions

    I got a buddy who's very interested with prehistoric animals as well. While installing the new rack and tonneau covers on his truck, he mentioned about those kind ancient algaes or viruses that are frozen in Antartica which are being released by ice melt happening this past decade. They could have lived alongside with mammoths and megalodons.
  8. kliert

    Muting my iPad

    Have you resolved the issue? Never encountered such issue before.
  9. kliert

    Worlds fairs today

    Never heard of this kind of event before. Wonder how effective they are in showcasing such products.
  10. kliert

    Banana Ideas

    Never heard of that event before. Any more resources?