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  1. Grzegorz

    Tech History Series

    Funny observation about AltGr, Simon. US standard keyboard is probably one of the world's few that do not have AltGr key as there are no "funny characters" in English. Since I'm Polish, I see this every day. And probably, since Simon lives in Czech, it's also necessary to get some hidden characters, should he decide to type in Czech AltGr also has this "magic function" that it can be used to type "secret" characters when used with numeric keyboard (doesn't work otherwise) : ☺ [AltGr]+ Num 1 ☻ [AltGr]+ Num 2 ♥ [AltGr]+ Num 3 (longer list below) Also I speak more than PL & EN and I this is what you get with AltGr in Windows French (Canadian) Spanish Polish English international or Czech but funnily all the czech letters are where the the digits should be "secret characters" ☺ Alt 1 ☻ Alt 2 ♥ Alt 3 ♦ Alt 4 ♣ Alt 5 ♠ Alt 6 • Alt 7 ◘ Alt 8 ○ Alt 9 ◙ Alt 10 ♂ Alt 11 ♀ Alt 12 ♪ Alt 13 ♫ Alt 14 ☼ Alt 15 ► Alt 16 ◄ Alt 17 ↕ Alt 18 ‼ Alt 19 ¶ Alt 20 § Alt 21 ▬ Alt 22 ↨ Alt 23 ↑ Alt 24 ↓ Alt 25 → Alt 26 ← Alt 27 ∟ Alt 28 ↔ Alt 29 ▲ Alt 30 ▼ Alt 31
  2. Grzegorz

    The Final Frontier Part 3

    You discussed the subject of taking hot air from the engine for breathing. This is called bleed. And one of the reasons that the Dramliner does not do that is that it is a, so called, digital airplane. The engine was designed to be bleed-less. Also if you bleed air from an engine, just like you'd bleed a human ?, you loose performance! Less performance means more fuel needed...
  3. Grzegorz

    Episode 21: The War Bear

    Good job on Wojtek! almost perfect pronunciation
  4. Grzegorz

    Episode 20: The Prisoner

    Guys, first thanks for that topic, that was a much better summary than anything that could be found in literature. And it's a story worth popularizing. Being Polish I love how you butcher prononciation of almost any name. Funnily enough you do that to any non-English name so no discrimination everybody gets a fair treatment ? Especially that Simon living in Prague should know that Slavic vowels are different from English. Anyway it's mostly funny. Also, Simon mentioned a number of times that "German has a silent p" when there is a pf. Totally wrong! You pronounce both. Love the show!