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  1. SimonWhistler

    I would love a 4 hour podcast!

    Noted. Plenty of good stuff out there. We could never produce so much without quality suffering... or you know... dying from lack of sleep or something ;).
  2. Ha! Thanks, maybe the whistling will have to make an occasional guest appearance.
  3. SimonWhistler

    Speaking french words in a french accent is actually smart

    Heh, this actually makes a lot of sense. I just always worry that people will think I'm making fun of their accent, rather than making an attempt at the correct pronunciation
  4. SimonWhistler

    The whistling needs to stop

    Hey - thanks for the feedback. In the episode coming up this week there are no whistles :). Just we record about a week or so ahead so feedback has a little bit of lag before it gets put into effect.
  5. SimonWhistler

    Snoop Dogg Mini Documentary

    Thanks Randa!
  6. SimonWhistler


    SECOND. Oh dear.
  7. SimonWhistler

    The new video style

    Agreed, I think the majority of TIFO videos are best suited to our normal format (although we do want to make lots of improvements to that over time), but we are planning to insert lots of extra videos like the Snoop Dogg one into the line up!
  8. SimonWhistler

    Snoop Dogg Mini Documentary

    Thanks James, I'll check out Andorra, and see if there is a topic there to be explored :). And thanks for the positive feedback on the mini-doc everyone. Lots more planned for this year!
  9. SimonWhistler

    Snoop Dogg Mini Documentary

    This was our first "mini documentary" of 2018. Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions for future ones :).
  10. SimonWhistler

    General Podcast Feedback

    Hey everyone! So as well as commenting in an individual episode thread, if you have some general feedback for the podcast, let us know here!
  11. SimonWhistler

    Episode 1: Throwing Tomatoes

    I'm still thinking about a guy dressed like Abe Lincoln smashing up chairs in a modern theatre... My girlfriend will ask me what I'm laughing about, I still have to tell her its "the Lincoln thing again"