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  1. SimonWhistler

    How is a life hack different from. . .

    Yeah, I'd agree with that. And add in that they sound really good, but almost always end up being a bit of a disappointment....
  2. SimonWhistler

    Tech History Series

    Yeah, the Czech keyboard with the characters instead of digits can be frustrating. Mostly happens when I'm typing in a password and getting constantly denied.. then I realise that instead of entering a 3 Ive been typing š over and over again...
  3. SimonWhistler

    Star Trek Discussion

    I have the same preference for VOY. If you like Voyager, TNG will get really good in a few seasons when Q introduces them to the Borg for the first time.
  4. That's a great video.
  5. SimonWhistler

    Outtakes episode?

    Generally they are fairly dull ;). Me trying to get words right over and over again ;). BUT in a mini documentary we have coming up, there are plenty of (quite amusing) outtakes. Stay tuned :).
  6. SimonWhistler

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    Hey Pellaken, thanks for the feedback - its always welcome when constructive :) I think with regard to our different roles on the podcast, mine is not really to be the person who is full of facts, but rather being sort of an "interactive audience member". There's lots of comments of the pod sort of sounding like a chat between a couple of friends in a pub - and if we follow that analogy, Daven has come along with a really good story, and I'm listening to it, and asking questions that I think the audience would find interesting (and hopefully occasionally providing some entertaining banter). The other option would be to have the model (which perhaps you are suggesting), where both Daven and I are fully briefed on the subject, and we both sort of share the story telling role, together leading the audience through the story. This is a solid format option. Something that shows like Stuff You Should Know (and a lot of shows from that same network, as well as NPR) follow. But personally I find the: "Thanks Dave, that's right he did do that, and then he did this..." back and forth not the ideal format for me. But that's just a personal preference thing, and perhaps the latter is better... I mean SYSK get's approximately 1.12 gigatimes more downloads than us ;). That last one is intentional. By the time we record, I've heard it all before (we have big prep documents). I just make little notes about what I was surprised about, or would like to ask more about. Apparently I'm good at making it sound natural ;). And now to chime in on my Star Trek thoughts: Let me start by where not to go (based on my personal preferences): - The Original Series: I've never made it through more than a couple of episodes. It's aged badly. - Deep Space Nine: I'm a big Trek fan, but never got into this series (I've tried a few times). What I like about Star Trek in general is that its about a utopian future. It's a rare look into a fictional future where everything didn't turn to shit (which I would like to believe is reality... things generally get better and better as the centuries pass). Deep Space Nine feels a lot darker to me somehow, and I didn't vibe with it in quite the same way. - Enterprise: To me it felt like a bit of a step backwards... I love all the cool tech that you got in 24th Century (TNG, VOY, DS9) Star Trek. I mean who wants a food slot when you have a replicator? I watched it, and was grateful for it when it was all we had Star Trek wise, but I've never returned to it like I have VOY and TNG. Okay then, the good stuff: - The Next Generation: The reruns of this in the late 90s were my introduction to Star Trek. I loved it. Never saw any of it in order (as often happened back in the days of terrestrial TV), so only found out about the weak first season much later. This is my most returned to Star Trek, and I love it, and its characters. - Voyager: Now, I used to recommend this more than TNG a decade ago when it hadn't aged as much as it has now (especially with the TNG re-release in HD). Now I say start with TNG. VOY is a lot of fun, there are some amazing arcs. And while the characters can be inconsistent, and they all are essentially the same people at the end (excluding Tom Paris and Seven), the relationships between them are enjoyable to see develop. - THE MOVIES - If you haven't seen First Contact, its worth watching TNG first (or at least a good amount of it), it will add a great deal of emotional weight to the movie. Further, I have seen all the movies, including the ones with TOS cast, and they are good. The TNG cast movies are better, and they hold up very well indeed.
  7. My first time listening to any podcast, Just listened to every episode over may last 4 night shifts. really love the content and how the two of you bounce off each other. Simon your knowledge of the UK is that bad it’s funny at times. 

  8. SimonWhistler

    I would love a 4 hour podcast!

    Noted. Plenty of good stuff out there. We could never produce so much without quality suffering... or you know... dying from lack of sleep or something ;).
  9. Ha! Thanks, maybe the whistling will have to make an occasional guest appearance.
  10. SimonWhistler

    Speaking french words in a french accent is actually smart

    Heh, this actually makes a lot of sense. I just always worry that people will think I'm making fun of their accent, rather than making an attempt at the correct pronunciation
  11. SimonWhistler

    The whistling needs to stop

    Hey - thanks for the feedback. In the episode coming up this week there are no whistles :). Just we record about a week or so ahead so feedback has a little bit of lag before it gets put into effect.
  12. SimonWhistler

    Snoop Dogg Mini Documentary

    Thanks Randa!
  13. SimonWhistler


    SECOND. Oh dear.
  14. SimonWhistler

    The new video style

    Agreed, I think the majority of TIFO videos are best suited to our normal format (although we do want to make lots of improvements to that over time), but we are planning to insert lots of extra videos like the Snoop Dogg one into the line up!
  15. SimonWhistler

    Snoop Dogg Mini Documentary

    Thanks James, I'll check out Andorra, and see if there is a topic there to be explored :). And thanks for the positive feedback on the mini-doc everyone. Lots more planned for this year!