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  1. Justice Beaver

    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    I agree that this was dark for this show and maybe not handled the best. I thought it was fine though. You don't know how things will be until you try them and I like the podcast because you get the more natural reactions to things rather than being completely scripted. I prefer the lighter topics but I already listen to a true crime podcast so I get my dark fix from that. Everyone has their own opinion, just throwing mine out there. Anyway... the whole time I was listening to this, I was distracted because I know I just recently heard the story of Evelyn Nesbit on a podcast (I think?) but it was more focused on the one guy murdering the other guy. I checked the My Favorite Murder wiki and it wasn't on there, I know it's a long shot, but does anyone else remember hearing this recently? It's kind of like the sex dolphin thing, I've listened to at least 3 podcasts that either mention it or go into detail. It's so funny how certain stories tend to come up in multiple unrelated places.
  2. Justice Beaver

    Women Listeners

    I agree with women love conversation. That's a good point!
  3. Justice Beaver

    Women Listeners

    I agree. I also don't want to speak for all women but in my experience I think it is hard for women to have the time to sit down and engage in something like youtube. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old and a career and a house to take care of so I'm afraid multitasking is all I can do and the listen only format lends itself to that. I am a fan of the youtube videos as well I just don't have time to get to them regularly. I enjoy the banter of a podcast and enjoy the longer ones! On a separate note, I also listen to a very popular true crime podcast that has an active community (SSDGM). It has been brought up several times in that community that the majority are women and we have discussed why that might be. The gist is that women think about and feel as if they are more likely to become victims of a crime (specifically murder) so we feel the more we know the better prepared we are to deal with situations thus helping with the anxiety. For example, if rent is incredibly cheap for a nice apartment, a man might think the neighbors are loud or something is wrong with the apartment that isn't obvious. A woman might think that the apartment is a part of a murder castle a la H. H. Holmes and therefore avoided getting murdered. ? Sorry to be long winded and I'd love to see other opinions. Also, bring on the pole! I'm interested in the results!