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    Tech History Series

    Hi and thank you for your work. on this podcast, always a pleasure to listen ! About [AltGr], I was taught in school (it was more than 30 years ago) It stood for Alt-Graphic, and brought out some graphic variation of some characters. The explanation only works for a few keys and I don't believe it's actually true. I can attest that when the Euro symbol was introduced, it was mapped to [AltGr]+[E], but it's the only letter key where the [AltGr] variant is engraved onto the keyboard. On a French AZERTY keyboard, the only keyboard keys engraved with the [AltGr] variant are the number row above the letters (from 2 to 0), ), =, $. (in blue here) (Source : WikiMedia) 100% of the people I know have no idea about the combinations that are not engraved on the keyboards. DVORAK is targeted at people typing a lot (and those whose typing is most of their work), but the same people have their original keyboard layout in their muscle memory, which renders it less desirable. DVORAK is also much more difficult to find to buy, so companies tend to avoid DVORAK. I myself don't want to learn a layout which I have no chance of encountering in the wild. On the alphabetical keyboard, there is a much much worse one I encountered : the numeric keypads with the number reversed row order. I burned a credit card (chip+and pin here) because of this !