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  1. Mommab30

    The Forgotten Plague- Dance Mania

    SIMON AND DAVEN IN REGARDS TO THE SILK ROAD (DARK WEB KIND) THERE IS a podcast called Case File and case 76 has a 3 part series on The Silk Road, its pretty interesting if you want to take a listen! Glad to have you guys back!!!!
  2. Mommab30

    All About Monopoly

    I think of a flat iron as a hair straighter
  3. Mommab30

    All About Monopoly

    So excited to see a NEW EPISODE!! Strange fact, I watch this show called Deadly Class - last night I watched the latest episode and they were playing Monopoly, a kid playing says "Proof Capitalism does not work". I had a thought , I bet the roots of Monopoly are some sort of political message I need to look into that and then BAM this morning on my way to work this episode was avail! Crazy So glad to see an update from you guys!
  4. Mommab30

    The Most Powerful Pirate

    Simone - you need to get yourself one of those traveling audio boxes like the host of Sword and Scale uses. Then when you stay with inconsiderate people that don't think about your recording needs you will have your own plan! I am trying to find the picture he posted, it's hilarious! Just sticks his head in a box and records!
  5. Mommab30

    two episodes in one day!

    Yes, this made me very happy too! I thought it was a mistake like I looked at it wrong.. but nope it was really 2QQQ
  6. Mommab30

    Women Listeners

    I too am a huge true crime fan. H.H. Holmes would be a terrible landlord! Ha After making this post the other day I also considered that women may enjoy the podcast because women love conversation! I mean YouTube is interesting but not engaging in my opinion. I love the open conversation, the banter back and forth and the longer espisodes are by far my favorite!
  7. Mommab30

    Women Listeners

    I love the podcast format - I checked out you tube channel and its alright too but I find the conversation of the podcast much more engaging. I can't speak for all women of course but for myself, I use podcast instead of YouTube because It doesn't require my undivided attention. I can listen to a podcast while driving when lying in bed while cleaning etc. I, of course, am aware of Youtube but I don't have much luxury time to just sit and watch a channel. If Youtube is playing it's on the TV and either my husband or children are using it and they are not watching what I want to watch. My podcast is on my phone and I can engage and listen as I choose. I feel like other moms/wives may deal with the same issues and this is why you have limited female audience on YouTube but I would love to see if other ladies feel the same.
  8. Mommab30

    tight elections - a flaw in democracy?

    That doesn't surprise me, I feel like Americans are notoriously self-centered, myself included I guess since I am really only aware of politics in my region. The sad thing is though that the fact that I am aware at all puts me a good bit ahead of many people in America! I hope this conversation continues with someone much more educated than me I would love to see what others think, it's an interesting thought to ponder.
  9. Mommab30

    How is a life hack different from. . .

    I agree, I often see life hacks as click bait. The wont work or are not any simpler, I tend to avoid them.
  10. Mommab30

    tight elections - a flaw in democracy?

    Yes the US is def just one example. It just the only one I am aware of since it pertains to my country. That's why I indicated that I am speaking for my interpretation of American Politics not as a whole. :) I found your observation to be quite interesting and was just discussing more what my view point is. I apologize I was not attempting to lead into a political discussion more just answering I thought in a conversation. Perhaps I misunderstood -
  11. Mommab30

    tight elections - a flaw in democracy?

    Ohh one more thing - Plato's Republic to me is really based on the idea of being open and willing to just continue the conversations and be ever evolving. I don't think anyone knows how to have a conversation anymore. I don't think the problem is general election and democracy its egos and unwillingness to see things from a different point of view.
  12. Mommab30

    tight elections - a flaw in democracy?

    Do you believe the two major parties are equally powerful due to media? I would say that media and pop culture seems strongly one-sided to one party versus the other. Of course both sides have there own media networks but to be honest I feel if you here the more conservative messages its because you are actively seeking that influence. As a general rule what is readily available and most frequently pushed is a more liberal belief. I feel like tight elections in general public indicates that people are pretty equally split and most people would fall in the middle on what matters to them. But when forced to pick one side or the other then you have to decide which extremes you can tolerate more and that draws a more definitive line int he sands for many. For instance, I am pretty easy going I feel the government should have very little involvement in peoples lives. I don't think they should tell me what religion I should practice and I don't think they should tell someone else who they can or can not marry. But when I look at two parties to choose from I am going to vote more conservative because the other party seems in my opinion to have a very socialist agenda. (Again just my opinion I am not stating this as absolute fact) Maybe completely unrelated but to your thoughts but the other day I was listening to the podcast the very first one where they were discussing only needing 5% to sway a crowd. I feel like that's what happens in American politics specifically we get the to listen to the most vocal 5% of the left and right and they both sound ridiculous and the most of us fall in the middle somewhere. But we're not as loud so we feel like Everyone else must feel one way or the other and its truly only 10% of the population with that strong of an opinion just a really loud voice..
  13. Mommab30


    I thought in the first podcast you said there would be a "self-help" type section, and in that would be potential for book recommendations. I always love learning about new things and I haven't heard much of it in the few podcasts I have listened to so far. I would love for you guys to let us know some of your favorites during episodes. Books, another podcast, youtube channels. I have noticed sometimes you mention them off the cuff in a podcast but move by quickly. I may be missing it somewhere but if you do that is there a link in the show notes of recommended things so we can quickly find it after the fact. ❓??
  14. Mommab30

    Episode 3: The Preposterous Pyramid

    Catching up here just found your podcast a few weeks ago and after listening to the 3 most recent episodes I have gone back to originals. I love your podcast. I am unable to leave a review because I listen on Google platform but I am going to try and download stitcher so that I can leave a review for you guys you deserve it! I love the laughter and the genuine conversation style and back and forth. The only bad part is I often want to join the conversation but I am driving and by the time I get to where I am going I forget what points I found so interesting! In this particular episode, you were talking about Formula versus breast milk and I thought that would be a very interesting topic to hear more about the evolution of formula. (I may be more interested because I work in pediatrics and hear about it so often) I know that Similac is constantly striving and making changes to get closer to the quality of breast milk all the time and it is amazing to me the amount of research that goes into these products. Well there was more but I have no idea guess I need to put a notepad in my car now, surely that's safe?? Simone - I don't think your accent sounds fake and Daven I find the sound of your voice relaxing - I'm going to have to join the crowd that says it helps you go to sleep but not out of boredom on my way to work I laugh a lot! Keep up the good work.