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  1. KristopherBel

    Christmas Episodes

    Just listening to the last Christmas special episode, and i know its a super long shot but i have to ask, is the p-word that you were mistaken about 'penultimate'? just a super common word people mis-remember the definition of, and i am super curious so i thought i would give a guess.
  2. KristopherBel

    A Christmas Podcast

    Great episode as usual, just jumped on to say that i am with Simon on the star wars is not really science fiction, space opera if anything, western, fantasy( because they have magic powers? maybe). and the dead as a door nail was exactly what I had always learned, I grew up near a house that was build in the early 1700's and was still maintained as a museum, interesting aside they had a still working windmill. There was a gentleman who gave the tours and was a local historian, and he explained that it was especially important to bend the doornails over and 'dead' them, because the door would move and any moving part is going to shake out a nail, much less likely that they would have bent over a coffin nail. and in fact shingle nails were pulled and reused pretty frequently as reshingling was pretty common and had to be done rather often depending on the type of wood your shingles were made of. Thanks for the shows!
  3. KristopherBel

    Tech History Series

    I came on here to mention the frying spam thing! VERY VERY Important to fry it till it gets nice and caramelized before you eat it. Oh and Daven, regarding computer Worms: I was always under the impression that worms were in reference to a subset of virus meant to duplicate and spread out while remaining undetected in the background either doing some small unobtrusive task or waiting for a command, the ones i remember were all controlled on secret irc channels and I think they have essentially evolved into today's botnets. Also I have been reading a lot about the history of LISP and am really curious / would love to hear an episode on the artificial intelligence winter. It was something that i was going to school during in the US ( I am 34 ) and I was completely unaware at the time of the past of AI and even really of the field itself, deep blue felt like ancient history to a kid and there was nothing on the horizon. Just food for thought, thanks again for all the pod casts and the great research and entertainment. -long term fan, recently engaging.
  4. KristopherBel

    Tech History Series

    Love you guys loved this one especially, because i love keyboards and computers and history. So I was pretty sure it was called alt grave, but ... It seems that it is called the Alternate Graphic Key from IBM's website glossary of terms: Alt-GrThe key to the right of the space bar on a keyboard. Alt-Gr keys provide access to characters engraved on the front face of a key. Alt-Gr keys are usually combined with other keys to generate different graphic characters. also sun keyboards label the key the alt-graph key (see attached image) it being called alt-grave may be because it provides access to alternative accents and this one: À is an A with a grave accent as opposed to, this one: Á which is an a with an acute, i learned this from working in typesetting and having to make sure all my fonts have all the proper characters etc. and i double checked the unicode standard (so as not to make a fool of myself). OK. so facts out of the way an anecdote: I was working as a barista and a free lance web developer for a time, and as such was doing a lot, a lot, of repetitive stress injury to my wrists, with the typing and although you may not think it operating an espresso machines is one of the highest jobs for risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. I switched to dvorak in a last ditch attempt to maintain my productivity and be able to stop wearing wrist braces. Long story short it worked. I have never reached my peak qwerty typing speed although I am still a very proficient touch typist, and I have not had any serious problems with my wrists and no more numbness etc. since switching. Maybe its placebo, who knows. Any way thanks for the podcast hope you dont mind the fact blast back at you, always enjoy your work and also cant leave reviews on google podcasts.