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  1. Zitka

    the "Lasagna oath"

    Today (well yesterday) I found out that a Doctor named Louis Lasagna modernised the hippocratic oath in 1964 and that this "Lasagna Oath" is used by many medical colleges
  2. Zitka

    No to short form podcasts.

    1) I did not even see that poll before reading this so I don't know what cross section of youtube subscribers noticed the poll 2) only people that watch it as a video would even have been able to see the poll and discounts people that treat it as a proper podcast
  3. Zitka

    The princess Bride

    It's a disaster for a chronic double speeder like me, it goes all choppy if I try to play it faster than 1..2 speed. (Brilliant for finding out if a longrunning podcast has done an episode on a specific topic though)
  4. Zitka

    Women Listeners

    A thing I'm wondering about if the whole women don't watch edutaining youtube videos isn't a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy: I am subscribed to a number of educational youtube channels, but I never get recommendations for other educational content, just older videos from channels I am already subscribed to. Another thing I will note is that podcasts are for when I'm travelling/working (I do mindless physical work) and youtube videos are for when I can sit and watch stuff.
  5. So, I was listening to the part about the pegasus crossings and I had this feeling I had heard about them before... And I found it: Tom Scott did a video on them