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    Tech History Series

    I just listened to Part three of your tech series. Some notes: - MUD = multi user dungeons = first online dungeon and dragons type sites. Also includes role playing and chat sites. - There were also 8 inch floppies available in the 70s which were soft like the 5 1/4 inch ones. They didn’t hold much. - As far as disk drive naming conventions go, D came next in the lettering scheme, but CDs predated DVDs. - If you buy SPAM, fry it before you eat it. - The people who did computations were called computers. They did more than data entry. When IBM started building machines to do this faster, they became the computers. This is mentioned in the movie “Hidden Figures”. - Yes, they were called worms in the 80s. - I’d gladly do your Brain Food intro! Seriously. I’ll send you a demo. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. SCSilk

    Women Listeners

    I’ve never been married and I have no kids. I’m a huge fan of trivia and tend to listen to all of your YouTube videos rather than watch them. I have a hard time finding good educational ones usually because of their voices and/or music selections I’ve noticed that I have to watch 4-5 videos before I receive recommendations. Yours is also the only educational podcast I listen to. The rest are pop culture and TV.