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  1. V Michael

    two episodes in one day!

    Great episode! My favorite new piece of knowledge was the glow worms. The most entertaining was listening to Daven & Simon trying cold Spam. 😀 I was raised Roman Catholic and know why it's the 12 Days of Christmas, but I look forward to Simon's tangential meandering and Daven's side facts next time. 🎄
  2. V Michael

    Carl Tanzler

    Well, this was an interesting episode (I think I listened to all the podcasts in the space of a week), but I was wondering why there were some discrepencies between this telling of Carl Tanzler's story and Obsolete Oddity's. Now Oddity's channel is more folklore-oriented but I figured that maybe you went to different source material and discarded anything too speculative. Other references to this story tend to go off the deep end, so these two re-tellings sound fairly well-researched, but this was just me musing as to where the differences might originate. Interesting knowledge is being disseminated and that's what matters most. YouTube de-monetized him for this, so I can see why you put it in the podcast. The other great telling of Tanzler's tale:
  3. V Michael

    New members welcome thread?

    Hi! I'm Mike. I'm an internet veteran and random facts addict. As for how I ended up here, I started following Rob Dyke which led me to Matthew Santoro which led me to Chills/Top 15 & Obsolete Oddity after which YouTube recommended List 25. I was dismayed I never knew that List 25 had a YouTube channel because I knew about the website for a long time and started watching rabidly (like I'd personally watch any other way). One day I found they had collaboration with TopTenzNet and I discovered the venerable Simon Whistler. Mr. Whistler mentioned a new channel he had called Biographics in which he mentioned another channel named Today I Found Out. I like macabre, horror, comedy, non-fiction, true crime and debunkers (Doctor Mike, History Buff, etc) for my YouTube entertainment and, obviously, Today I Found Out fits right in there. I'm pushing 50 and it's sometimes hard to find new obscure stuff to learn and about 25% of TIFO's content is completely new to me. And what I do know is re-consumed in a very entertaining milieu. The podcast is a great reminder of what I do know and a wonderful surprise of what I don't. It's great to hear people converse using multi-syllabic vocabulary and in the corny, best pals style of two people who genuinely want to learn and share what they learn while being bromance partners.. I'm an old-school geek, gaming dork, nerd and fandom fan. My vocation is gamemaster but I've recently been derailed by a steadily failing voicebox. I also mentor LGBT youth and have the honor of being a lot of unruly inner=city kids' "Uncle" Mike. 😁 Love the podcast, love the channel, and even loved having my eardrums blown out by Simon's whistling. Spouse: "What are you listening to?" Me: "Simon Whistler whistling..." Spouse: "...."