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  1. V Michael

    The Fascinating Origins of Everyday Things

    Oh, I'm going to enjoy this series. 📎
  2. V Michael

    The Drinking Game

    Any time Simon goes, "Didn't we do an episode of this on YouTube?" when he's actually referring to a TopTenz or Biographics episode., take a shot. Any time Simon or Daven trips over a pronunciation, take a shot. Any time a sponsor plug goes off the rails, take a shot. Any time they meander so off topic you forgot what the episode was about, take a shot. Any time they offhandedly mention a topic you know well, take two shots. Any time Daven or Simon uses a pronunciation that confuses you as to what the word is, take a shot. Any time Simon brings a question that he was going to research but forgot about until he restates the question, take a shot. NOTE: Please don't die of alcohol poisoning if you choose to use all the rules at once.. 🥃 Cheers!
  3. V Michael

    The Forgotten Plague- Dance Mania

    Mass hysteria is always an interesting topic. Hysteria meaning in the generic "acting oddly" not "wandering uterus" way. Pre-scientific gynecology was... weird. As an aside question to myself: How did giggling inappropriately during a performance acquire the name corpsing?
  4. V Michael

    All About Monopoly

    ROFL. A 'flat iron' is a cast iron clothes iron that is heated in a fire vs. a modern steam iron. Originally it was a flat iron, a box iron which is a large chunky iron that held coals inside, or a press iron which you place the clothing between two slabs. And yes, the Flatiron building was named after the appliance. http://www.oldandinteresting.com/antique-irons-smoothers-mangles.aspx BTW, I love Simon's wild speculations. 😂
  5. V Michael

    Animal Facts Series

    The human brain parasite that can be picked up from cat feces (among other things) is toxoplasmosis gondii. Great series and always look forward to the next one.
  6. V Michael

    two episodes in one day!

    Great episode! My favorite new piece of knowledge was the glow worms. The most entertaining was listening to Daven & Simon trying cold Spam. 😀 I was raised Roman Catholic and know why it's the 12 Days of Christmas, but I look forward to Simon's tangential meandering and Daven's side facts next time. 🎄
  7. V Michael

    Carl Tanzler

    Well, this was an interesting episode (I think I listened to all the podcasts in the space of a week), but I was wondering why there were some discrepencies between this telling of Carl Tanzler's story and Obsolete Oddity's. Now Oddity's channel is more folklore-oriented but I figured that maybe you went to different source material and discarded anything too speculative. Other references to this story tend to go off the deep end, so these two re-tellings sound fairly well-researched, but this was just me musing as to where the differences might originate. Interesting knowledge is being disseminated and that's what matters most. YouTube de-monetized him for this, so I can see why you put it in the podcast. The other great telling of Tanzler's tale:
  8. V Michael

    New members welcome thread?

    Hi! I'm Mike. I'm an internet veteran and random facts addict. As for how I ended up here, I started following Rob Dyke which led me to Matthew Santoro which led me to Chills/Top 15 & Obsolete Oddity after which YouTube recommended List 25. I was dismayed I never knew that List 25 had a YouTube channel because I knew about the website for a long time and started watching rabidly (like I'd personally watch any other way). One day I found they had collaboration with TopTenzNet and I discovered the venerable Simon Whistler. Mr. Whistler mentioned a new channel he had called Biographics in which he mentioned another channel named Today I Found Out. I like macabre, horror, comedy, non-fiction, true crime and debunkers (Doctor Mike, History Buff, etc) for my YouTube entertainment and, obviously, Today I Found Out fits right in there. I'm pushing 50 and it's sometimes hard to find new obscure stuff to learn and about 25% of TIFO's content is completely new to me. And what I do know is re-consumed in a very entertaining milieu. The podcast is a great reminder of what I do know and a wonderful surprise of what I don't. It's great to hear people converse using multi-syllabic vocabulary and in the corny, best pals style of two people who genuinely want to learn and share what they learn while being bromance partners.. I'm an old-school geek, gaming dork, nerd and fandom fan. My vocation is gamemaster but I've recently been derailed by a steadily failing voicebox. I also mentor LGBT youth and have the honor of being a lot of unruly inner=city kids' "Uncle" Mike. 😁 Love the podcast, love the channel, and even loved having my eardrums blown out by Simon's whistling. Spouse: "What are you listening to?" Me: "Simon Whistler whistling..." Spouse: "...."