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  1. shortylovesdumplings

    Next episode?

    Maybe I missed something in the last podcast, but are the guys on an extended break at the moment? I've had to resort to other podcasts, which just don;'t make the same grade!
  2. shortylovesdumplings

    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    Sorry Matt! I should learn to pay attention :) I look forward to Teddy's 'cast.
  3. shortylovesdumplings

    Animal Facts Series

    Tangled is also my favourite Disney film. If only the Stabbington brothers had a back story that the BFS should cover!
  4. shortylovesdumplings

    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    Great episode. I didn't find it too dark, And it's too bad that Simon's sarcasm is lost on some people. I think Matt should make his own podcast because he seems to have clear ideas about how stories such as this should be conveyed.
  5. shortylovesdumplings

    Next episode?

    Thanks Daven! Looking forward to the return of your enormously enjoyable dry sense of humour! Hope all goes well with the relocaion