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  1. Valderia

    Christmas Episodes

    Oh wow, I just listened to "Christmas traditions", found myself laughing out loud while at work. Hope nobody is wondering if I've gone insane. I wish I could leave a review somewhere but I'm not on iTunes or probably anywhere you'd look, but you really are the highlight of my week when it comes to podcasts. If you ever found the time and energy to upload the audio of your tifo videos as podcasts, I'd totally subscribe to that as well. And now for follow up: * Gävle is pronounced close to yeah-fle, stressing the "yeah". It astounded me as well when I moved here, no worries. (BTW the Yule goat is still standing at time of writing) * On the menu of your .fm website it says "Epsiodes" instead of episodes... Happy holidays and a fantastic new year from Sweden :)