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  1. Matt


    Shame, I've signed up as a direct result of your mentions - I'll let them know.
  2. Matt


    Do you lads still make a comission via Harry's if I sign up (UK)? if so what's the code?
  3. Matt

    Next episode?

    The Today I found out Daily Knowledge Podcast is fantastic whislt you're waiting.... A back catalogue of about 400 there
  4. Matt

    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    Wasn't me man - I thoroughly enjoyed it also!
  5. Matt

    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    Guess you guys won't be complaining about the reviews all being too positive next episode?
  6. Matt

    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    Hey guys what was the name of the lady discussed - I know you mentioned it at the top of the show but throughout you referred to her she etc and I'd forgotten :)
  7. Matt

    Next episode?

    Good luck with the move - thanks again for the amazing content!
  8. Matt

    Next episode?

    Thank goodness! I'd nearly smashed the whole of the Daily Knowledge back catalogue and was worried you guys had stopped again...
  9. Matt

    The whistling needs to stop

    I really miss the whistling. Maybe you can get into targeted advertising with the Today I Found Out (whistling) version with advertising for kazoos and a Today I Found Out (non-whistling) with advertising for noise-cancelling headphones?