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  1. Wajaworld

    Women Listeners

    I feel really late jumping into this, but I am also one of your female listeners. I have been listening to to Youtube Channels for quite sometime, and join the podcast train this summer! Love all of the content that has come from you guys! I was discussing the topic of women loving murder/serial killer episodes, and we came up with the theory that it is because women are usually more involved when it comes to psychology. We had noticed a connection between women in jobs such as counseling and thought that maybe women enjoy getting into the heads of these types of people.
  2. Wajaworld

    Animal Facts Series

    Bird Nerd here! Buzzards is a name for some species of hawks (For example there is one species called an Augur Buzzard). Vultures are not the same as a buzzard, It's more of an American/English thing to call vultures "buzzards".