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    Whats wrong with the livestream?

    Hey guys, longtime subscriber and viewer of the many channels you guys are involved with. Why does the last few livestreams show ip on youtube as private? I have not seen them on my podcast apps for download either. Is this on my end or am i missing something?
  2. Necromantic Aromatherapy

    Whats wrong with the livestream?

    Thanks Daven. Dont like missing out on new content so i had to ask 🙂
  3. Necromantic Aromatherapy

    What do the spikes/cylinders on naval mines do?

    They are called Hertz Horns. They activate a chemical reaction that detonates the mine when bent or broken ie: being hit by a ship.
  4. Necromantic Aromatherapy

    How can addictive cannabis help to treat addictions?

    I have not heard of doctors treating addiction with marijuana. From personal experience and observation i can share. I smoked it for years and about 10 years ago i actually got tired of how it made me feel. I stopped and suffered no ill affects whatsoever and i was a regular daily user. That being said, ive known people who act like the world is ending when they cant have it. I feel as if the marijuana addiction is less chemical then it is psychological, though the results are the same. The major difference is one will not go through dangerous physical withdrawl symptoms that one would experience with serious alcohol, methamphetimine, or opioid addiction. If there were doctors that would trade one drug for another, they shouldnt be practicing. If one doesnt truly want the help to break the cycle, they can find anything to find their temporary fix. The reality of the whole situation is addiction in any form is dangerous. One should never trade one for another. Any doctor who offers this out is a quack. Hopefully i assisted in answering any of your concerns...i am obviously not a doctor, but i do have personal experience in this matter. Cheers mike 🤘