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  1. froggie0106

    Women Listeners

    Also a bit late chiming in, I'm binge listening to the podcast to catch up and just heard about this thread. I'd put my money on the biased YouTube algorithm theory I'm a long time fan of the YouTube channel and the vast majority of what I watch on YouTube is fact based shows and has been for years (SciShow, vsauce, kurzgesagt, pretty much anything Simon is doing, etc). Given how much time I spend watching these channels I get surprisingly few suggestions for new channels with this type of content. I'll spend hours watching TIFO/TopTenz, and then watch a handful of Tasty videos and all of a sudden I get cooking video recommendations from a wide variety of channels. But I never would have known about biographics had Simon not plugged it in other videos, YouTube never suggests it to me. I've struggled for a long time discovering high quality information based channels on YouTube.