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  1. ganymede19

    What do the spikes/cylinders on naval mines do?

    I've seen those things from Finding Nemo. Not sure what it really does but I think the design has to do with buoyancy so that it would stay in place.
  2. ganymede19

    Wheel Pattern

    I recently picked a new set of XD wheels to replace the stocks that I have for my truck. I got curious because it was really hard to choose which one should I purchase due to the array of pattern and designs they offer. I want to if the patterns are purely aesthetic or it really has a purpose such as added physics in driving.
  3. ganymede19

    Muting my iPad

    I think you should turn off the notification on your browsers like Safari or Google Chrome. It's the same with the podcast app.
  4. This never crossed my mind since I'm not from Great Britain but now I'm begging for answers.
  5. ganymede19

    Banana Ideas

    So that's why they don't have any seeds at all.
  6. I add and use keyboards for both Kana and Romaji for the Japanese language with a predictive feature. If I type kaimono (shopping) on my keyboard this hiragana will appear かいもの (ka-i-mo-no) then a predictive kanji for kaimono (shopping) 買い物 will appear and I have to tap or click it.
  7. ganymede19

    Egg rolls

    I think the egg part comes from the wrapper.
  8. ganymede19

    The dark and deadly history of British tea.

    I've read The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzō years ago and from what I remember I was fascinated by the fact how tea can shape or mold culture and be an integral part of trade and history.
  9. ganymede19

    New members welcome thread?

    I do spend a lot of time 0n Youtube during my free time. I mostly watch self-help and fact videos. Glad I stumble upon this forum since I've been feeling so toxic browsing on social media.