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  1. LeeroyJethroDankinz

    The Drinking Game

    Hey Simon and Daven, first off, LOVE the podcast, I listen at work which makes my dead end fast food job significantly more bearable. Thanks for that. So, every time you mention documentaries or mini docs, take a shot right? Lets expand on that a bit, every time Simon hasn't seen or read something, like Princess Bride (-_-), you take a shot. Further expansion, you two go through the final cut and find a word that pops up with unusual frequency, like Typewriter, or Qwerty, or Dvorak (from the tech history part 1 episode) and make a short mention of it at the beginning. Instant cult classic. Minor comment: I preferred the long episode format, the extreme tangential nature really filled out kwestions that occurred in my head that i just plain didnt have time to search up myself. I've been watching TIFO for years, and i LOVE the channel, glad to see this podcast becoming successful! Keep it up guys!