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  1. Allison

    Daven has short hair???

    Hi everyone, wasn't sure where to put this, so general is what I went with. Seems neutral enough. Anyways. I used to watch TIFO Youtube, until I found Biographics podcast and then the Brainfood show. I was familiar with Simon, but Daven was new to me. I had only heard his voice until today. Knowning what little I had known about you, Daven, I imagined you having chin length shaggy brown hair, not sure why but that's just what I thought. So today I pulled up the channel to watch the Liechtenstein mini-doc, and thought I'd watch a fact quickie. BOY WAS I SURPRISED when I heard Daven's voice come on, with a man who only had slightly more hair than Simon. It was a shock, for sure. Thought I'd share this funny experience I had today. Love the podcast, when's the next one coming?? Thanks, Allison