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  1. Rachet205


    I found it on youtube!!
  2. Rachet205


    The knowledge bank is running out of topics to impress my friends with ;P. You guys are great but when will i be able to listen to you guys speak as a team. Simon's voice may be beautiful but after binging TIFO it just becomes too much Simon. Sorry Simon 😢 keep up the good work gentlemen!
  3. Rachet205

    Brainfood show spotify review.

    Let me begin by saying you guys do GREAT work. I first found you via the youtube channel and let me tell you... I ended up taking longer breaks at work than i should have :P. Once i heard Simon mention the podcasts being on spotify i promptly went to listen to the podcast. I have to say my favorite set of casts would be the ones about Roosevelt. Quite the badass he was. Although you guys are great as you are, Simon has some very out of place interruptions at times. Also an idea for the review reward thing you gents do could be to break the "grand prize" amount into smaller $100 rewards for multiple winners instead of 1 single person getting $300 for example. Keep up the good work guys! 5 stars, 10 of 10, 100%