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    List of foods for diabetics

    Appraisal of diabetes means you have to use the many types of healthy diet and nutrition. In the start it will be a bit hard to adopt a list of Foods for diabetics but you can easily control diabetes by the change in eating habits. List of Foods for diabetics : Lady finger, Cauliflower Lady finger, Cauliflower/Cabbage, Pumpkin, Spinach/Green leaves vegetable, Green Chili, Salad, Bitter gourd, Lemon, Green/Dry Onion, Brinjal, Ridge gourd Tomato, Cucumber, Turnip, Egg’s whites only, White/Red Radish, Lemon water, Wheat Bran. full details: list of foods for diabetics website: healthinformatics
  2. roberthelson

    What is HIV Symptoms?

    HIV symptoms early warning signs : Word ” AIDS ” is the collection of four English words. A ( Acquired ), I ( Immune ), D ( Deficiency), S ( Syndrome ). Before under standing about the HIV symptoms early warning signs, you should know about the meaning of ‘Aids’. Sex indecent behavior and non natural acts in sex sharing make the reason of a disease which completely finish the human immunity that is called ‘Aids‘. The security system of body to be destroyed due to germs of H.I.V and suffering from many diseases of a human at the same time is also called ‘Aids’. Aids is a particular type and contagious disease. It is spread with a specific virus which is called ( HIV ). read full details: HIV Symptoms