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  1. Just listening to this episode now and I thought I'd weigh in on the whole does building on a swamp help with earthquake survivability. As far as I know it actually makes it worse. That kind of earth experiences liquifaction during an earthquake and provides less stability than normal earth. This happened in San Francisco in 1906.
  2. Monk

    The Truce

    Just wanted to say that I'm in total agreement with Simon about two things he said in this episode. Firstly Die Hard is much much better than Star Wars. Also I have the same thing where I hate throwing away anything living so I also like to try growing those little basil plants you get from the grocery store.
  3. This relates to both this episode and the previous one but I thought you guys might like this. It's a tour of the ISS by one of the astronauts on board and it's the best example I've ever seen as to what it's actually like to live in space. It also really challenges you brain's spacial awareness as the camera changes orientation and the floor become the ceiling.
  4. Monk

    General Podcast Feedback

    Really enjoying the podcast guys, keep up the good work. I have to say that even thought I didn't think Simon was putting on his accent I imagined he probably sounded a bit different when just having a conversation so it was fun to see how wrong I was.
  5. Monk

    Episode 3: The Preposterous Pyramid

    I would like to second Barone's post above. I've used pocket casts for a long time and they are brilliant. They have a paid version which is well worth getting in my opinion.