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  1. Goam

    Chernobyl's mutations

    Supposedly the hunting "expedition" (random tourists) illegally rented kalashnikova rifles in pripyat, and on the way to the woods surrounding chernobyl's ground zero, they obliged the many radiation warnings provided by citizens and government provided signs/banners. Ive rambled on this forum, solo (somewhat embarrassingly), but an episode on the subject by the two best podcaster's gets my guts giggly. So, anyway, all done, love the show, and hope this was at least a random tidbit for those reading.
  2. Goam

    Chernobyl's mutations

    To expand on the title. I had heard of six tusked boars successfuly reproducing multiple generations, four winged birds, and other such animals that are limited in documentation due to they're native environment being highly irradiated. I just want to hear more from those who are better at researching than I am. Also the subject might be commercially prosperous since HBO is apparently coming out with a chernobyl mini-series.
  3. Goam

    Chernobyl's mutations

    I was wondering if you two would be interested in doing a chernobyl/pripyat/result of mutations in animals/cultural consequences; whatever you feel. Itd be great with the loose yet informative format of the facts and convo available in your program. Thanks so much for the entertainment, absolutely a fan