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  1. otefollert

    Taking the Mystery Out of Murder

    Great episode. Pleaseche ck Chile's iTunes.
  2. otefollert

    All About Monopoly

    Found it https://youtu.be/SqQgDwA0BNU
  3. otefollert

    All About Monopoly

    Has anyone been a le to find the video about the magic basket? Great podcast by the way
  4. otefollert

    Christmas Episodes

    Regarding "The Godfather" I made my thesis about it, and I haven't watched it.
  5. otefollert

    The Macabre Series

    Loved the podcast, and as a side note, referring to the women's bathrooms, I have a small restaurant and it's amazing how they are after a regular day. Finally someone tells the truth
  6. otefollert

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    Thank you both guys, or dammed you, I spent a great deal of my vacation watching TNG and I really like it
  7. otefollert

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    Because of all the talk about star trek I think that I'll start to watch it. Damn you both. Just one question, I have Netflix, where should I start?
  8. otefollert

    Video Suggestions

    Just a small side note, the "LL" in Spanish is read like a "y" in yeah, example, Bobadilla would be read "Bobadiya"
  9. otefollert

    General Podcast Feedback

    So, do you guys get some money if I hear you on Spotify? By the way I subscribed to iTunes just to give a review
  10. otefollert

    General Podcast Feedback

    Dude, it's out
  11. otefollert

    General Podcast Feedback

    I installed iTunes only to give a review. A small question: does it help if I hear the podcast in Spotify?
  12. otefollert

    Podcast apps for desktop

    So, iTunes and 5 star review? And a comment?
  13. I've started to think that you had abandoned us, sad to hear that you were sick.
  14. If you want a Spanish translator (Latin America) I could be of help. By the way I'm Chilean
  15. Like a small whistle from time to time. Question: in YouTube we have to watch the whole advert for you to get money? And a small question, Wich is the country with more earthquakes in the planet?