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  1. The stickers on the headlights are still a thing same with with GB stickers for right steeringwheel cars that drive in the rest of Europe. Did 1 week in Scotland with my Dutch car. It took a few minutes to get really used to driving the other side.
  2. RedPanda

    When is the podcast coming back?

    Welcome back Daven en Simon. The episode was fun to listen to and interesting per usually.
  3. RedPanda

    The Bull Moose Part 2

    Can`t find the first episode about Roosevelt so responding here. The way Roosevelt explained his name is correct. It is a Dutch word which is pronounced that way. currently we would write it as being the word. Rozenveld, meaning field of roses. So properly if you go back in his families history they will have worked in a field of roses or lived near/in one. That is the most common way the surnames in the Netherlands were constructed. Related to your job or place you lived when the surnames became mandatory.
  4. RedPanda

    When is the podcast coming back?

    Since the last post there has been a new episode but I was wondering when the next one is
  5. RedPanda

    New members welcome thread?

    Hello, my name is RedPanda. I`m from the Netherlands and first started with the today i found out youtube channel after searching for a channel like that for a long time. Through there I also learned about the Biographic and Toptenz channels and last but not least the brainfood podcast. It`s the first podcast I have been following and haven`t found any other that I like yet. I love the way the podcast combines intresting facts about one topic with random facts about other things and that you can hear the enthusiasm in their voices. Keep up the good work Simon and Daven, I hope to hear your voices again soon.