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    New members welcome thread?

    Hi everyone! My name is Annie but my alias is Digital Hominin. I have always loved that name since its pretty accurate. I first found the TIFO channel years ago and quickly followed Top Tens, Biographics, and now the podcast. I love learning about a myriad of topics and these channels +podcast provide a massive variety! I am a huge history nerd and love how history plays such a huge part in all your topics, even how such tech thing came into being! Its so fascinating! I honestly have to say the best part of this podcast (outside of the hilarious asides) is the length the research goes. Its amazingly impressive and extremely refreshing to hear a podcast say "but we really don't know". It just proves how much passion you have for details, research, and accuracy. Hearing it makes me trust this podcast so much more! Keep it up and when is that Picard podcast starting? lol.