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  1. Sideswipe69er

    No to short form podcasts.

    Hello all, I wanted to start this thread in response to a recent poll on YouTube about the brain food podcast. The poll currently is saying in favour of the youtube community wanting the podcast to be about 15 minutes long. I think this is honestly a bit dumb and possibly the poll itself is misguided. YouTube is not a platform for long format videos, it's for content that is more short form than a podcast. Of course people who watch 10 minute TIFO videos will want the podcast to be exactly the same content. But as I put as a response to the poll "Yeah a podcast based on having a conversation with a friend. How many of you go to a pub/bar with a friend, have a 15 minute conversation and leave? No one. If you want short podcasts go on the magic platform you are already on and watch a video. Like Tifo produce each day! The podcast Is different content. If it becomes a shorter format I will stop listening." I also stand by my statement of if it becomes 15-30 minutes, more akin to copying the YouTube videos I will stop listening. We listen to the podcast to hear the personalities of Simon and Daven. Not for the same type of content as on youtube (side note I love TIFO videos). I wanted to start this thread as, 1. Daven and simon are way more likely to see this than a random YouTube comment. 2. To hear the opinion of other people who love the podcast as a podcast and not perverted by the youtube community. So that simon and daven can get a true opinion of the people most likely to listen to them anyway. As polls seem to prove on youtube, people will just vote for no other reason than to add to a total and people don't like change. Please share your thoughts on the subject.