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  1. Jayenkai

    Muting my iPad

    Something on the Forum is causing the audio on my iPad to stop.. Considering I typically visit the forum on my iPad, whilst trying to listen to the podcast on my iPad, having the audio stop each time is rather awkward. Turns out the notifications are set up to make a sound, which they won’t on iOS, but that’s what's kicking off the background audio. I've switched off the audio setting, but won’t know for sure if that’s done it until I next get a notification, but thought I should mention it, incase anyone else is having the same issue.
  2. Jayenkai

    The whistling needs to stop

    I’m twelve minutes in, and already miss the whistle. Next episode needs to be a #throwbackthursday episode with the whistle coming back!!
  3. Jayenkai

    Episode 2: The White Feather

    First Contact FTW! Not a typical Trek movie, much like IV, and they’re both my favourites!
  4. Jayenkai

    General Podcast Feedback

    Great first episode. I especially liked that you sounded like you enjoyed doing it. so many podcasts I tune out of because the presenters sound as though they’ve been doing it for too long, and are no longer as into it as they once were. It’s always great to have something fresh and lively, especially with familiar voices. looking forward to more!