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  1. mrwater

    The Forgotten Plague- Dance Mania

    First: Simon left out the reason why the Aachen Christmas market is so rad. It's because it's the city that has to show off the most for the Christmas, as they are right on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. Luxembourg and France are also quite close. Side thought, you point out later that it's infeasible for the 1374 event to spread to multiple countries, but this doesn't hold up geographically, especially since circa 1374, the vicinity of Aachen was a total geographical mess: https://www.euratlas.net/history/europe/1400/1400_Northwest.html Edit: I knew about Aachen because I had a roommate from there while I was living in Germany. He says he used to go on bike rides that went through all 3 countries.
  2. mrwater

    The Remarkable Sarah Hale

    I haven't completed the episode yet, but in the part when you're discussing Ben Franklin's justification for educating women, the reason that it wouldn't be politically correct might be that it is justification based only on the benefit that educating women might have for men, arguing from the position that elevating women's role in society is only worth doing if men benefit from it. In short, he wasn't just being self-serving, he was being patriarchy-serving (don't jump my case. I'm not making this argument, I'm just using the vocabulary of someone who would make this argument).
  3. mrwater

    Tech History Series

    I'm surprised that neither of you knew about MUDs. They're called dungeons because they're really primitive MMOs. See :http://www.topmudsites.com/ MUDs still exist, and some of them are super old. Regarding SCSilk's message. My wife and I are both mathematicians, and Hidden Figures was the least cringy movie with math in it that we'd ever seen.
  4. mrwater

    Tech History Series

    I use Dvorak programmer (dvp). (note that you have to press shift to get the number keys. The default output for the number row is all symbols.) I taught myself vanilla Dvorak in high school, and when I was 17 I decided to switch to Linux cold turkey. I switched to programmer Dvorak simultaneously. Then I went to college for computer science (later math) and learned how to use all the emacs shortcuts using dvp. I also learned LaTeX after I started using dvp, and that's how I do all of my word processing, and how I take class notes now that I'm in grad school. I completely understand people not making the switch to Dvorak, but I have no idea how people "live-TeX" (take math notes in LaTeX during a lecture) without programmer Dvorak, it seems like it would be the most insane finger workout with all of the parentheses and brackets flying around. But no, it's not faster typing when you're not programming. I had to do a ton of practice with dvp to see any improvement, and I would have gotten the same improvement practicing qwerty the same amount.