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  1. Perhaps it's related to what people say are the "greatest fears" when dating. A man's greatest fear is said to be rejection and a woman's greatest fear is said to be getting murdered. By learning about true crime and serial killers, maybe we are attempting to learn how to recognize the perpetrators and avoid them. Or more likely women just suffer from morbid curiosity. ?
  2. Just checking in as one of the < 20% women that listen (apparently). I found this very surprising! Who wouldn't want to know more stuff about stuff.
  3. Shealyn

    General Podcast Feedback

    I've listened to all 5 posted episodes of the podcast and I really like it! I will definitely continue to listen whenever new episodes are posted. In terms of the format, I think the interviews in episode 4 and 5 were a bit long (though I was interested in the information). It just seems like a bit of a big break in between the other sections of the podcast and was a bit disconnected in my opinion. Maybe if you do a separate interview episode every couple of episodes where you do 1 or 2 interviews? My favourite sections of the podcast are of course the main topic and also the bonus facts. That is probably because I'm a long term subscriber to the newsletter, and tend to like the level of detail on the topic and also all the fun extra stuff. Either way, keep up the excellent work! You guys are great!
  4. Shealyn

    Episode 3: The Preposterous Pyramid

    I've been using google play music to listen just because it's easier for me to do at work. It's probably one of the worst platforms out there. You can't rate or leave comments, you can't download, and it's impossible to find if you don't know where to look. I will definitely be checking out one of the other apps for android.
  5. Shealyn

    The whistling needs to stop

    I hate the whistle so please please don't bring it back. It was funny for the first podcast but after that I found it fairly annoying. Maybe you should do a different transition every podcast? Love the podcast itself though!