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    Women Jumping Out of Cakes

    That episode was really bad. Very uncomfortable. I can't believe how bad the stuff you cut must have been. Only episode of a podcast I ever clicked the dislike button for. Rather than just complaining I'll outline WHY I feel this way. 1 - The laughing at the terrible parts. I know you guys address this in-episode, but the problem is that it sets the wrong "tone". If you approach it with a "wow this is awful" tone, it will appear 'less' awful VS laughing at it, as there's less of an emotional cliff edge. I don't think either of you are bad people, I've laughed at far worse, but from a podcast making prospective it was too far. 2 - Too much 'dwell time' on the terrible things. The episode where folks got murdered tended to deal with the murders rather quickly and moved on to other parts of the story; and despite those other parts being set ups for further murders, the fact you didn't dwell on talking about the actual act itself meant the listener wouldn't spend too long in that state of discomfort. 3 - similar to point 2, but parts of the discussion seemed aimless. Simon's comment "was this all just a set up" RE: the cake thing, I think hits the nail on the head. You guys set out to tell the story of girls jumping out of cakes, and as such, the "sidebar" that was the trial, wasn't as strongly narrative driven as it could have been,. I also hope the story you cut does eventually make it on to the podcast. When it does, you need to focus on everything but the rape. Focus on how the people involved felt they could not report it properly. Focus on how those who knew the accused helped to cover it up. Focus on how things like this (very likely) happen more than we ever hear about. Focus on how one or two bad seeds can drive others to bad action. Focus on how the un-enforced banning of booze lead to this; should booze have been more strictly controlled to avoid this, was it inevitable that they'd drink and the lax enforcement thus caused only lead to further problems, or would they have never committed these crimes if they had not been drinking. You guys have dealt with uncomfortable stuff well in the past; and I'm confidant you can do so in the future. This is simply the one time you guys didn't quite get it right. I still like the show and am about to fire up the next episode right now; but wanted to give my thoughts on how to avoid these sorts of things in the future. ~Teddy
  2. Pellaken

    two episodes in one day!

    What a treat!!
  3. Pellaken

    The Macabre Series

    I love the podcast either way. I wish I could afford an ad. "And today in ads, go play teddy's game on reddit. Teddy's game on reddit, a fun game!"
  4. Pellaken

    The Macabre Series

    So, I'm listening to episode 1 today and, wew, that "ad". like you could boil down the whole thing to: "on the topic of eating people we finally have an ad" "oh an ad for what" "food!" "what kind of food" "its this thing you can put sawdust in" "neat! they told me I have to read this list to you!" "Awesome, so more about dead bodies" edited to ad - I dare you guys to read that on the podcast as feedback
  5. Pellaken

    The Final Frontier Part 5

    when I hit play on itunes my reaction was " only an hour? " which I think means I like the show a lot.
  6. Pellaken

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    update from a month later - I do think some of my feedback has been taken into account, along with good feedback provided by those smarter than I, which has made the podcast better!
  7. Now that you guys have settled in, I wanted to give some more feedback on what I'm seeing (well, hearing really) While I still think you guys are great, I want to give some constructive criticism; so I will be a bit blunter than otherwise so as to be clear - please know this is not an attack, I am trying to make this already great podcast amazing. 1 - Simon has a bit too much ADHD. in that he interrupts daven too much. 2 - Daven is a bit too stuffy in that he does not respond to Simon's interruptions often. These two combined seem counter-intuitive, but, you guys have listened to Hello Internet, so I can use that. Brady interrupts Grey not as often as Simon interrupts Daven, but, when he does, Grey goes along with him on the journey to the sidetrack. IMHO this is what you guys should aim, the happy middle. Sometimes parts of your current podcast sound a bit like Mr. Daven trying to get little Simon back on track, which isn't always the best. Again; I'm being more blunt than I otherwise would be to make a point - you guys are doing a great job and I love your podcast, but I also want to provide constructive criticism. Lastly, 3 - Simon sometimes does not know much about the topic at hand. For this I simply suggest a quick wikipedia search on the topics at hand before recording begins. Currently, it sounds like Daven is telling Simon a story and he's surprised by parts of it. HOWEVER, you can play on this. It might actually be better to play it up and keep Simon more in the dark so that the podcast does become Daven telling Simon interesting things as, then, we become Simon, and he becomes a representation of us as the audience. Anyway I hope that helps! I know 1+2 can be confusing to combine, but I'm confidant you guys can hit that sweet spot, as, it took Grey and Brady quite some time to find that spot on Hello Internet.
  8. Pellaken

    Podcast segment titles

    Just listening to "growing a youtube channel" and thought this deserved its own topic. I think they should be food related. brain food? feed your brain! my ideas: fun facts should be called "Brain Desserts" practical knowledge should be called "Brain Dinners" Perhaps "mind" would work better than brain, maybe snack instead of dessert, or supper instead of dinner; but, thats the basics.
  9. Pellaken

    amerocentric data

    I found todays episode to suffer from some of the problems that some other episodes do; they are very amerocentric. Simon from his comments seems to run the gamut of all 50 states, but ignores the other 190 or so countries in the world. I'm not asking you guys to research how East Timor does things; but most english speaking internet websites get the overwhelming majority of their views from the same few countries; the USA of course, but also the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, and so forth. I find the amerocentric commentary a bit sad really as I expect more from TIFO.
  10. Pellaken

    No Ranch!?

    It's surprising how many basic everyday food items are unavailable outside your home country. For example Ketchup Chips, Mr Big, or Alphagetti.
  11. some feedback on the feedback: 1 - pellaken pronounced the same as pelican, but you can call me teddy 2 - I also don't like the interviews as much; but listen to them still. the reason is I come to listen to the two of you! Even if you were interviewing somebody awesome, I'd still prefer your information segments. A caveat to point 2 is if you happen to interview one of the, perhaps, 50 people on the entire planet whom I already listen to in podcasts or youtube on a regular basis, but in fairness, I'd be just as eager to listen to an interview they do of you! edited to add (in case you dont recognize me) I've finally changed my profile picture as the old one is from a website I've not owned in a decade
  12. I dont know what the etiquette here is for posting threads on videos; but sharing a link seems logical. anyway my comment: I am amazed there there just happens to be a thermometer with 102F on it, as a stock image somewhere. that's all really but yes I'm that amazed you guys got a hold of one. I mean, logically, there are prob images for every temp; but, its not something I ever thought about.
  13. 4 part!? While that excites me, I also wish I could listen to all 4 hours now!!
  14. Just watched the latest vid, and at the end of it, simon talks about the podcast. This is where I realized the problem. He says it "is just like this". However he's also said that about other un-related things that (I'm sorry to say, in my opinion,) are not 'just like this'. I think this may be why more people are not making the switch. IMHO: point out that Daven and Simon are the two hosts. Really drive home Daven is involved. In fact, it may even be better to have Simon "throw it over to Daven" at the end of an episode, and have Daven say it is "just like this" and that you two are the hosts. IMHO, and I could be way off, but; this would double the listenership.
  15. I know this idea was poopooed on the podcast, but I think it could be interesting. Since Simon and Daven do not seem familiar with Discord, I'd like to try to explain what it is and how it works. It's a chat room. The reason I think some people (at least me) want one is not so much so that we can chat with Simon and Daven, but so that we can chat with other TIFO fans. I'd like to think that due to the nature of the content, we are, as a group, intelligent and curious about the world. I enjoy chatting with people who are these things and think others would as well. The only/major downside is you need someone to run it, IE moderators. Once you have these in place, the discord basically can/will run itself. You need not ever drop by.. That being said, people may enjoy it if you guys did, and you could have events if you wish where you come on to the discord. You could also gate some channels behind patreon donations, which would be a way of driving/encouraging donations (I've donated just to get in a discord before) Discord has both text and voice chat features, but most people tend to use it for text unless the discord is very gaming focused; still it helps to have a voice channel to relax in with friends. As a neat bonus note that Discord allows for various coloured roles. I've included a picture of what a TIFO discord might look like
  16. Pellaken

    Episode 9: The Bull Moose Part 1

    the US and UK both lost the war of 1812, only Canada won! Really the war was just a terrible mess where nobody achieved their goals
  17. Pellaken

    Getting a discord for TIFO

    This got mentioned in the podcast, so I wanted to let daven and simon know this is actually the third time they've mentioned me as I am "Teddy Boragina" from youtube!
  18. curious if you guys have any way of knowing how many people tune in for every episode, and if so, what sort of numbers it is
  19. I'm loving the show btw. I notice sometimes you end up doing video topics that are somewhat related to the show - like the fed ex guy gambling his live VS the video about the british guy who did the same. I'm wondering if/how these are related; does doing one give you ideas for the other?
  20. wait what!? where was this posted?? its not here http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/category/podcast/brainfood-show/
  21. Pellaken

    Podcast apps for desktop

    So, I sort of feel bad downloading the show knowing you have to pay for it, but I don't have a cell phone, or any phone really; I get my voice mail over the internet and return calls using skype. One problem is most of the podcasting apps I know of require an iphone or an android. I'm wondering what podcast apps there are for desktop I could use
  22. Pellaken

    I would love a 4 hour podcast!

    I've been a bit lax on the podcast but am just listening to episode 4 today; I'd love a 4 hour podcast! Frankly the longer the better. My ideal is that I have 16 hours of media to consume every day, sadly quality content tends to come in waves. Podcasts are great as they are fairly reliable.
  23. Simon said this as a joke, but it is actually smart because it works. Why? Generally 'fake accents' rely on the fact that certain letters 'tend' to make certain sounds in certain languages. For example, Japanese sounds very "choppy" to an,english ear. As such if you were to say Hiroshima (usually said as heero sheema in english) in a "fake" Japanese accent, you'd end up saying Hi Ro Shi Ma, which is actually, exactly how you pronounce the city. The fact the letters tend to be pronounced the certain way in a "fake" accent is precisely because the fakeness comes from the fact that is actually how they pronounce those letters in their language! I use this trick for pronouncing people's names that I just meet and often get compliments at how few others pronounce it correctly on the first try.
  24. Pellaken

    General Podcast Feedback

    The worst thing about the podcast is that now that I am caught up, I don't have any more to listen to until your next release day I'm normally not one for interview based podcasts, I like things like Cortex and Hello Internet, and my focus really is just on people telling me interesting things, I also listen to the Revolutions podcast, but you guys seem to have been able to merge the "2 guys talking" and "telling me interesting things" ideas with "interview" which seems rather novel to me.
  25. Pellaken

    Episode 3: The Preposterous Pyramid

    My heart stopped when my name got mentioned! Didn't mean to "meh" you Just happened to release the podcast at a time when I had a lot of content to listen to, so what I was saying is that you guys are worth shuffling other things down a few slots. Anyway, I've become addicted now, its too late to go back!