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  1. I think life hacks are generally not that much of an improvement, they tend to be an alternate way of doing things and are often worse compared to the normal way but use a different method or are novel in some way.
  2. Rich

    The Macabre Series

    Simon loves him somr sexual dolphin! I feel like you have to cover it now after mentioning it so many times. Never knew you were so interested in the sex life of aquatic mammals ??
  3. Rich

    Outtakes episode?

    I saw it! point taken I still think some of it could be amusing, however that being said the effort of putting something like that together may be dispoportionate to the benefit/views
  4. Rich

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    Wow Daven, that reply was in much more detail than I expected! The level of detail shows in the podcasts and on here !
  5. Rich

    Feedback (now that they've settled in)

    I actually enjoy the dichotomy between the two of them. The way they are doing the podcasts now is excellent in my opinion (short of the fragmented uploading)
  6. Rich

    Outtakes episode?

    All of the TIFO episodes are so well polished, but we know Simon is only human! Just watching an episode tonight and my girlfriend asked if you have conisdered doing an outtakes episode? I bet there are some moments worth sharing?
  7. Rich

    Video Suggestions

    its an antiquated system, we pay £150 a year for a colour tv licence, £50 for black and white. basically if you watch any live tv, freeview or cable you need a licence in the UK, any places that play radio commercially, any employers or public places, require a radio licence as well.
  8. Rich

    Banana Ideas

    Although that might be a boring answer haha!
  9. Rich

    Banana Ideas

    Clones dont have to be identical, phenotypic variance can occur due to differing levels of nutrients supplied to each fruit along with pest loads among many other things such as sunlight recieved by each tree and internal differences inside each tree that affect the growth of fruit, Think of identical twins, they don't always end up the same size, if you were to feed one less than the other they would end up different sizes. I cant imagine they will do anything that may be construed as slander on a large company (unles its a long time ago) as they may get themself into hot water!
  10. Great episode, seemed like you got a bit excluded at times due to Karls English references but It was 100% great content!
  11. Thanks Daven! I really enjoy listening to the podcast while Im on a walk, the longer form factor and the fact its available on podcast is amazing. Also pleased to hear you guys considering turing the today I found out episodes into a longer form factor podcast, something I have been hoping for for years!
  12. As the title really! I can't see anything on podcast episode timings anywhere (may be that I am not looking in the right places!) just wondering when episode 6 is being released! Need my Simon and Daven two hour rambling fix! Thanks guys