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  1. Guessing these got pushed back even further?
  2. I was pretty interested in this. Quest For Glory was my favorite game series growing up.. I will totally pick up the new game when it comes out too. I remember when I was a kid and they posted their email on the Quest For Glory V website and Lori actually responded to me. It was fantastic..I would probably still consider it my favorite video game if people actually knew what I was talking about so I usually just say Mass Effect instead, I think if you look though those two series have a lot in common that you might not notice at first glace. As for the people getting upset about this interview I think it's odd. a little that they like this channel which does deep dives into history but gaming history seems to bother them. The advice might seem outdated too, but then again I don't think Kickstarter advice is really outdated so they clearly aren't that outdated. Personally living and working in the greater Seattle area I've come into contact with a lot of people in the gaming industry and you'd be shocked how many of them still use outdated tech or work for people who know nothing about modern programming. So long way around of saying, just because their old doesn't mean their advice is wrong, maybe just not polished properly.