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  1. Everyone I know that has thrown up while drunk shivers. I was just curious as to what biological process make this happen and why?
  2. markklle

    Banana Ideas

    The banana massacre happened in December, 1928. I don't see how that is any different than a coverage video on the dark side of Disney, coke, etc.
  3. Stories about multi hour surgeries are common, but what is the longest surgery ever performed and how did the hospital keep the surgeons from getting fatigued and making mistakes?
  4. markklle

    Snoop Dogg Mini Documentary

    You guys could hit up Washington DC! There's a ton of free museums and monuments. Obviously there's travel, rooming, and food costs, but you could have a weeks worth of content for no additional cost other than what was previously mentioned. PLUS, you could make a detour to Kentucky after like you said in the latest podcast.
  5. I feel like this would be an interesting video. Everyone is expected to use toothpaste everyday, but few people know what it is and what it actually does. Of course the origin of it would also be interesting.
  6. markklle

    Banana Ideas

    1) If all bananas are clones, then why are some bigger than others? 2) Do a coverage video on the topic of the banana massacre. Pretty much Chiquita (the most popular banana brand) was responsible for a massacre of its workers. Death counts vary, but it is an interesting topic on a ubiquitous brand.