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  1. Cheese_head

    Alice Roosevelt

    Would be interested to find out more about Teddy's daughter and her life, from the Bull Moose episodes it sounds like she led a colourful life!
  2. Cheese_head

    Episode 9: The Bull Moose Part 1

    I would love there to be an episode on it, it's not studied at all in the UK but it's a big deal in Canada, Canadian friends I know even refer to it as their war of independence, they're very proud of a Canadian heroine named Laura Secord walked 20 miles from American-occupied territory to warn the British of an impending attack by the Americans. Shes still honored by Canadians and remembered for her bravery. So much happened and it's kinda swept under the carpet of the Napoleonic wars, for instance New England fiercely opposed “Mr. Madison’s War” from the very start, and the region suffocated under British naval blockades. By 1814, the starving citizens of Nantucket pledged neutrality, the Massachusetts governor sent a secret emissary to negotiate a separate peace with the British and some New Englanders even advocated secession! Definitely worth an episode right?
  3. Cheese_head

    Video Suggestions

    Why don't you read about fossils and other stuff like that being dug up in Antarctica or other perpetually frozen places? Siberia and Alaska seem to have dinosaur fossils but why not other chillier places (I'm working on the assumption that these places were not always that cold millions of years ago or something)
  4. Cheese_head

    Podcast segment titles

    Instead of "Today in history" why not "Meanwhile in the past"?
  5. Cheese_head

    Podcast segment titles

    Brain jam!
  6. Cheese_head

    Episode 9: The Bull Moose Part 1

    It wasn't a war either county really wanted, on hindsight.... England was too busy dealing with Napoleon, the Peninsula War... then the Napoleonic wars.... generally the English national pastime of "kicking the sh*t out of the French" to concentrate on America, it was just back and forth wins and losses....Uss constitution got it's nickname of old ironsides in the war of 1812... but then the UK did burn down the white house and the English commander admiral George Cockburn had a great quote, while also burning down a printing press and newspaper, of "be sure that all the C's are destroyed so that the rascles cannot any longer abuse my name" Long story short, no one won but the native Americans definitely lost... also the end of the US federalist party....
  7. Cheese_head

    General Podcast Feedback

    Really enjoying these podcasts and a fan of toptenz and all the other shows, I propose a new drinking game to replace "mini documentary" as every episode one of you apologises for mispronouncing something; between the podcasts, toptenz and today I found out I'm now Oliver Reed levels of drunk (I'm talking pre-death, pre-gout, post relapse, cool sideburns, locked in a pub alone listening to Iron Maiden levels of drunk) Fun game to play! Seriously though great podcasts and shows; and fantastic topics but no need to apologise about mispronouncing names all the time (unless the drinking game stays?)