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  1. Daniela

    General Podcast Feedback

    Hey, I'm not sure where to post questions/suggestions/new topics so I'll do it here. Have you ever heard of SciencesPo, the university that basically controls France? It's a high-profile university that basically fills all the ranks of the french government (including 7 out of the last 8 french presidents). I'd really love to hear more about the institution, either in a video or in a podcast (if it fits the show of course). Anyways, regardless if you pick this topic or not, I still enjoy very much the show. Keep up the good work!
  2. Daniela

    General Podcast Feedback

    I've just binge-heard this podcast and it's just amazing. I love the youtube channel but I love the podcast even more as I can just put it on spotify and let it run. I must say that the french accent is on point and really funny to hear (being a french-speaking person myself and having to deal with the problems of learning several languages). I will however complain that you only care about apple, I also want a 100$ amazon gift card!