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  1. It made me giggle to hear the Princess Bride reference, and blew me away that Simon hasn't seen the movie... Enjoyed the show, but I truly feel that this episode could have been longer. Maybe more info into the political tensions and state of Rome at the time of his decision to move his army across the Rubicon... Set the stage for me.
  2. For some really interesting discussion regarding the shift of pronunciations of letters like the hard "k" to sibilant "s" of the letter "c," check out "The History of English Podcast.". It is a very interesting listen. I think he also posts research and reference links on his website.
  3. a_jole

    General Podcast Feedback

    If you have an Android device, tell Google assistant to play the podcast... Or I think I saw someone say it's available on Spotify...
  4. a_jole

    General Podcast Feedback

    I find it really funny that the day after I found myself wondering if Simon was involved with any podcasts, I hear about the brainfood show on YouTube... Immediately jumped over and am currently binging via my Google assistant app. I love the channels, but really enjoy the long form of the podcast. I would (probably a minority opinion} gladly watch hour long Today I Found Out and Biographics videos if you made them. I look forward to the podcast taking off and this community really having some interesting discussions.