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  1. Falconerd

    Star Trek Discussion

    I loved the discussion last month on the forums about Star Trek; and Daven and Simon's favorites and general thoughts about the different series. I thought such an important topic needed its own thread. ? I just started watching TNG, and since you have to watch them in order, I'm working my way through the first season. Oh my, it's so bad! Quite a bit of the acting and situations are just cringe worthy, But, knowing it gets better means it's hilarious and I can look forward to season 2. Still, it only took until the 2nd episode to fully empathize with the oft cited "Shut Up Wesley!". Growing up, I mostly watched Voyager and Deep Space 9. Both are good, but I tend to prefer Voyager slightly because they always had new situations. I love how well Star Trek in general reflects on our own culture and forces us to think about our own assumptions. Hopefully the new Star Trek entries will continue this and not just devolve into action and drama for drama's sake. (Stargate suffered from this, SG-1 was fantastic, Atlantis was good, SG-Universe was godawful.)
  2. Falconerd

    Tech History Series

    "we should get an intro where we have a nice sounding man or woman..." Simon. You are that nice sounding man. That's why you have a GPS soundboard!
  3. Falconerd

    Tech History Series

    HEY! You happened to wander by one of my passions again! ? (which means another long, thorough post. ? ) In this episode you talked a lot about the Dvorak keyboard layout and how there's a few benefits but not really enough for most people to justify learning it. There's a newer alternate layout that I have learned and get excited about sharing! This new layout is called Colemak. (https://colemak.com/) Checkout their website to learn more, most of the info below came from their site. There are quite a few advantages to Colemak over both Qwerty and Dvorak. First, and probably the most practical reason to consider learning a new keyboard layout, Colemak reduces hand strain. I have noticed this myself after learning Colemak and switching back and forth between it and Qwerty. After long periods of typing while writing college papers, I noticed my wrists and hands hurt more when using Qwerty. Colemak was designed with the aid of modern computers to optimize hand and finger movement which reduces strain. Colemak reduces finger travel, reduces the number of times the same finger presses subsequent keys, moves more frequent letters under stronger fingers, and is optimized for "handroll combos" where outside keys are pressed before inner keys creating a rolling motion (for example "first" or "stars"), Second, and probably the biggest obstacle to learning a new keyboard layout, it is designed to be easy to learn and transition from Qwerty. Only 2 keys move between hands, so it's easy to remember the general location of a key. The keys Z, X, C, and V don't move, which means the shortcuts for Ctrl+Z/X/C/V don't move either. Most punctuation also stays in the same place as well. They also have lots of options for typing tutors and programs to teach you Colemak. Third, there's actually fairly broad support for Colemak. It comes as a built-in optional layout on Mac, all flavors of Linux, and Android. Windows only requires a small download that adds it as an option. Then you can switch between them as needed. Alternatively, there are scripts that can re-map the keys as you type for computers you can't install programs on (i.e. at school, work, etc.) I taught myself Colemak about 7 years ago and for about 2 years I used it exclusively. I actually forgot Qwerty for a while and had to relearn it at one point. Because of that, Colemak has become my "native" layout and when I'm tired I'll default to Colemak, even if I'm on a Qwerty computer. Since relearning Qwerty, I type in Qwerty during the day at work, and Colemak at night. My brain can actually keep them straight and I don't have trouble switching between them, though sometimes on days off I start typing in Qwerty at home because it's daytime. As noted in the episode, most people who are proficient typists in Qwerty probably won't notice a large increase in speed as thinking speed is usually the limiting factor. But, for people who type quickly, or for long periods, they will definitely notice reduced hand strain. Most people don't really need, or want, to spend the time and effort to learning a new layout, but I think Colemak offers some good benefits for those who are interested. Thanks for another fascinating topic and digging up stuff for me to learn, even though I'm familiar with the topic. Also, thanks for incorporating feedback and discussing listeners reviews and comments on the show, it really feels like we get to be part of the conversation. I hope you can continue to do that even as your number of listeners continue to grow. Colemak Layout:
  4. Falconerd

    Episode 20: The Prisoner

    Hey! Thanks so much for reading my comment "on the air" in Macabre ep 3! That made my day! I love researching and sharing interesting stuff, especially in the medical field. I'll definitely keep an eye out for more opportunities to share. I have to admit I was confused when you were joking about referencing Mercola, took me a couple listens to realize you were joking. On an interesting note, I didn't realize how many big words I used until it was read aloud by someone else. I'll have to keep that in mind in the future.
  5. Falconerd

    The Final Frontier Part 4

    I LOVE Puns! The more the merrier, even bad puns are highly amusing. The Putin song reminds me of the Bourne Identity theme song, probably the vibe he was going for.
  6. Falconerd

    Episode 20: The Prisoner

    Since you touched on my field of expertise (I'm a pharmacist in Colorado), I have something to contribute! Aspirin backfired during the Spanish Flu Pandemic for a couple reasons. First, this is during the era of "snake oil" medicines that are advertised as being cure-all's. So people took handfuls of aspirin to try to ward off the flu. The widely recommended doses were extremely high by today's standards (8,000-32,000mg compared to 81 or 325mg with a max of 4,000mg) and at that dose it predisposed to lung toxicity and fluid filling the lungs which worked in concert with the flu that also caused lung issues. Second, in kids, giving aspirin during viral infections can cause Reye syndrome (vomiting, hyperventilation, delirium, and coma, with brain swelling and fat in the liver and proximal renal tubules). This is why aspirin isn't recommended in kids younger than 15 anymore and "children's aspirin" has been changed to "low-dose aspirin" for "heart protection". Third, aspirin can cause bleeding because it inhibits the platelets which makes it more difficult for blood to clot. (Technically, it isn't an anti-coagulant, but the end result is the same, blood is prevented from clotting. (most people know the term "blood thinner" but it doesn't actually change the viscosity of the blood, it just prevents blood from "thickening") (also, fun fact, a common anti-coagulant, warfarin, is often used as rat poison by causing an overdose and thus uncontrolled bleeding)) So when people infected with the flu started bleeding in their lungs it didn't stop. (Ref: https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/49/9/1405/301441#) Simon mentioned how America has a lot of drug ads. Yes, direct=to=consumer (DTC) ads have drastically changed medicine and pharmacy in America. People tend to then ask for these expensive, brand drugs, despite not necessarily needing them. There have been a lot of studies that show that doctors often just give the patients what they want (and consequently what the drug companies want). One argument for DTC ads is that people may not realize they have a condition or that there is a treatment for it, leading to an improvement in quality of life. An argument against DTC ads is that drug companies sometimes create the problems which they conveniently have the solution for. Another facet is that sometimes someone has a very specific disease and most doctors are better at diagnosing a broad spectrum and often don't have the specialized knowledge needed to treat that specific disease, and sometimes specialists just aren't available in rural areas. In that case the patient sometimes learns more about their condition than the doctors. The internet can be great for this, with access to very specific research and specialists, but that can be hard to separate from the chaff. Overall, yes this was a very depressing episode, but still facinating as usual. Thanks for always being enlightening. P.S. I got the Google Podcasts app after you guys mentioned it. Unfortunately, there's no reviews, their "trending" stuff must just use plays rather than reviews. It's still better than the Google Music App since it can speed up playback and automatically play the next episode. Still very bare-bones player. I don't have any experience with other podcast players since Brainfood is the first and only podcast I've listened to. ? P.P.S Today in history name: Eventiversary. Not great from the spelling perspective, but event anniversaries is basically the topic of the show.
  7. Falconerd

    General Podcast Feedback

    Why do you post the podcast on YouTube? I know your "home media" is YouTube, but the podcast format really doesn't match YouTube. If it's splitting your "views", then let the podcast be its own thing and not try to cross platform it. I generally don't think of YouTube for pure audio (other than music, though even that has waned since I got Amazon Music Unlimited). I also don't really go for videos longer than about 15 min, mostly because I have ADOS (Attention Deficit, Ooo Shiny!) and I start getting distracted by other things. (at the same time I am a completionist, so I finish what I start) so I would never click on the podcast on YouTube, even for background noise. So, let the podcast be its own thing on its own medium and let the videos be their thing. (though I would love an audio only version of tifo to listen to while driving,) Thanks for expanding your media reach and starting the podcast.
  8. Falconerd

    Episode 3: The Preposterous Pyramid

    Hey, I'm glad I discovered more ways of interacting with t i f o. My brother and I were just discussing that you needed a podcast, and here you are. I've been listening to t i f o on YouTube while driving, I just turn the video quality all the way down to 144p. I usually don't need to see the background graphics, and most of what you talk about is fine just with the audio. I loved the discussion of classic pc games. Ironically, I haven't played any of the games you guys mentioned. But I absolutely loved Outpost and Outpost 2 that were published by Sierra. Fun fact, you can download Outpost 2 as an open source version. It is a science fiction themed RTS game. I don't care for the text-based adventures because I get bored with all of the typing and slow exploring. I only found out that you had a podcast this week, so now I have to start at the beginning and catch up. Thanks for the discussion about podcast apps, I'm using Google play music, which is useful because it's already on my phone, but it's really clunky. I can't wait to hear more!